Will Jack Eichel be traded this off-season? The New York Rangers, LA Kings and Boston Bruins are all interested.
Will Jack Eichel be traded this off-season? The New York Rangers, LA Kings and Boston Bruins are all interested.

The big question is, will Jack Eichel be traded this off-season? Earlier in the year NHL trade rumors had New York Rangers and LA Kings interested in making a trade for Eichel.

Both team has the assets and cap space to take on Eichel’s big contract. The question is, does Eichel want to be traded?

TSN’s Darren Dreger is reporting Sabres general manager Kevyn Adams said last month that Eichel had not requested a trade, though the centre openly discussed a “disconnect” with the team regarding how to treat his neck injury.

“I’ve been a bit upset about the ways things have been handled since I’ve been hurt,” Eichel said on May 10. “There’s been a bit of a disconnect between myself and the organization.”

Normally when a player states a displeasure with the way an injury was treated is usually a more subtle way of telling the team, I want to be traded.

Besides the Kings and Rangers showing interest in Eichel, NHL Rumors have the Boston Bruins interested, though they lack the top-end assets the Kings and Rangers can offer.


  1. JE is another overpaid weasel whining his way out of a city. If I were Buffalo, Id not trade him, take the captaincy away for saying it would be “cool” to play for the team’s mosy hated rival, and make him honor his contract. If he doesnt like it, let him hild out for five years and tarnich what little legacy he has created.

  2. If JE is available from Buff and the leafs can get him for marner that is a no brainer trade with 90 % health. JE is a bull that is fast and can shoot the puck. Mariner is the most overrated player in NHL. He makes 1 highlight reel play and it erases the 10 previous turnovers or shots in the goalies bred basket. He is a star 3 on 3 no contact hockey player. He will have a herniated disc soon also if he keeps staring at the sky. Leafs cant win with him in this lineup considered the 2nd best player and many in leaf nation think he is the best. They r delirious. Seth jones keith tkachuk landeskog many trades available to better leafs. Marner has to be traded. Jack eichel along side matthews on PP. Either one can bury it. Either one rarely turns over pucks and both retrieve them. Healthy JE in leaf unform would be exciting . We should give them reilly also and liligren for rousteleinen. Now leafs contend.


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