Golf Pool

Masters Golf Pool 2022

The Masters golf pool entry form will open on April 1, 2022.

Entry fee: $10

Please pay your entry fee by Wednesday April 6, 2022

Please send your eTransfer to


Pick from 6 Groups of players (one player from each Group)

A wild card pick from the full field can replace anyone of the six groups pick.
Example: want another player not listed in one of the groups: ie: don’t want to pick a player listed in Group 5, add as a wild card from the rest of the field not in one of the Groups to your group 5 pick. Only one wild card allowed per entry.

Use 4 of your 6 players to combine the lowest total score

Must have at least four of your players make the cut into weekend play

Prize Breakdown:

30% of pot 1st
25% of pot 2nd
20% of pot 3rd
15% of Pot 4th
10% of Pot 5th

Ties will split the pot(s)

Note: If a player withdraws before his tee off time on Thursday (the first round) a replacement player will be substituted for him; the next player in the groupings . Example if your player is Ranked number 7 the 8th ranked player will be your new pick. If it is a wild card pick your substitute will be the last player ranked in the group your WC player replaced.

British Open Golf Pool Round 4 Final Standings