Fantasy Golf Pool

At NHL trade rumors we host fantasy golf pools for the four major golf tournaments, The Masters, PGA Championship, US Open and British Open.

The format is simple. We have 6 boxes of 8 players in each box. You pick one from each box and that is your team. Entry fee is $10. Entry fee forms and details for each tournament can be found below.

Fantasy Golf Pool Prize Breakdown:

30% of pot 1st
25% of pot 2nd
20% of pot 3rd
15% of Pot 4th
10% of Pot 5th

Ties will split the pot(s)

Masters Golf Pool

The Masters Golf Pool entry form will open on Friday March 31, 2023.

2022 British Open Golf Pool Leaderboard – Final Results

Previous Fantasy Golf Pools

British Open2022Kirk Bailey
US Open2022Rob Ellis
PGA Championship2022Barbara Bridle
The Masters2022Jack Taylor
British Open2021Eric Peterson
US Open2021Ron Ellis

Fantasy Golf Pool Entry Forms

2023 Masters Golf Pool
2023 PGA Championship Golf Pool
2023 US Open Golf Pool
2023 British Open Golf Pool