About Us

nhltraderumor.com: Your Insider Source for Hockey Buzz

Our Mission

We’re devoted to delivering the fastest, most reliable NHL trade news and analysis to passionate hockey fans. We cut through the noise and deliver the insider information you need to stay ahead of the curve.

The Story of NHL Trade Rumors

A few buddies obsessed with hockey, we were always frustrated by the lack of one go-to source for reliable trade speculation and insider scoops. We’d dig through social media, beat writer blogs, and unreliable rumor mills. We knew there had to be a better way. So, we created nhltraderumor.com back in 2010 – a centralized hub for fans who crave the off-ice drama as much as the game itself.

The Evolution of Our Network

From its humble beginnings as a simple hockey blog, nhltraderumor.com has grown into a vibrant community. We’ve forged relationships with trusted league sources and built a team of expert analysts. Our daily coverage keeps the pulse on trades, free agency, and the stories that shape the NHL landscape.

Our “Aha!” Moment

It hit us during the NHL trade deadline in 2010: rumors were flying faster than slap shots! Seeing the fan frenzy over potential trades and surprise roster moves fueled our fire. We knew we had to become the place where the die-hard hockey community connects and debates the latest buzz.

Who We Serve

  • Fantasy hockey managers seeking a competitive edge
  • Casual fans hungry for NHL trade rumors
  • Superfans who live and breathe hockey news, all year round

What We Offer

  • Up-to-the-minute trade news and credible rumors
  • Expert analysis and breakdowns of potential deals
  • Community forums to share opinions and insights
  • Exclusive content and insider scoops

Success Stories

  • nhltraderumor.com gave me the heads-up on my league’s sleeper pick – my fantasy championship trophy thanks you!” – Jamie L., Toronto
  • “The rumor mill analysis on the Calgary Flames helps me understand my team’s moves way better than anything our local sportswriters offer.” – Ben R., Calgary

Our Values

  • Reliability: We rigorously vet sources and prioritize accuracy.
  • Passion: We’re fans, just like you. We share your love for the NHL and its intrigue.
  • Community: We foster a space where hockey lovers can connect and engage in respectful discussion.