Super Bowl Squares 2024 Online Pool

The NFL Super Bowl Squares Pool is a fun way to engage with the most anticipated event in American football. This intriguing game of chance draws fans closer to the NFL Super Bowl, transforming the game into an interactive spectacle. No skill or football knowledge is necessary; winning is entirely luck-based.

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NFL Super Bowl Squares Pool Rules

*** We only accept etransfers from a Canadian bank account ***

etransfer the $20 per square fee to [email protected] – Please state your name and numbers in the etransfer.

The horizontal row represents the AFC, while the vertical row signifies the NFC.

Once all the squares have been selected we will randomly generate numbers from 0-9 for each team in the football game and assign that number to a particular row or column. These numbers represent the last number in the score of each team. In other words, if the score is AFC 14, NFC 3 at the end of the first quarter, find the square with AFC 4 and NFC 3.

Winnings Breakdown for Super Bowl Squares

  • End of 1st Quarter: 25% ($500)
  • End of 2nd Quarter: 25% ($500)
  • End of 3rd Quarter: 25% ($500)
  • End of Game: 25% ($500)

Super Bowl is Sunday, February 11, 2024

NFL Superbowl Squares Pool Entry Form

Super Bowl Squares 2024 Pool Picks

Link to the Super Bowl Squares sheet. Good Luck!