2017 NFL Survivor Pool Canada

NFL Survivor Pool 2024 Canada Edition

$20 entry fee. The winner takes all. I take no share of the winnings whatsoever. 

*** We only accept etransfers from a Canadian bank account ***

If you are interested in a competitive NFL Survivor Pool 2024 Canada edition, click the button below to join. Each entry is $20 and due by September 8, 2024, at noon ET. If the fee is not paid by then, your team will be removed.

This NFL survivor pool is run in Canada, which means I can only accept etransfers from a Canadian bank account. You can etransfer to [email protected]. Please state your team name in the etransfer.


Click on the button below and you will be guided through the process for joining this pool, including registering on the website if you haven’t registered before. 

Click here to join my pool: 

If you have any questions about the pool rules or format, please write me back. If you have any technical problems joining my pool, please let me know or contact the website. If the above link doesn’t work and you need the Pool ID# and Pool Entry Code (a.k.a Pool Password), they are shown below:

Pool ID#: 138756 

Pool Entry Code: 90gyva 

NFL Survivor Pool 2023 Rules

The entry fee is $20 per entry. All fees must be sent to the pool manager (Rob Ellis, email: [email protected]) by September 11th, 2023 12:00 pm ET. E-transfer is the best way to send me the money. When you pay, please provide me with your pool entry username. If your fee has not been paid by the start of the NFL season, your team will be deleted. 

This is a winner-take-all survivor football pool.

Pick Winners – The object of this game is to pick a single winning team each week. If your team wins, you advance to the next week, and you can’t pick that team again.  If your team loses or ties, you are eliminated from the pool. The winner is the person who advances the most weeks.  

You may only pick a team once.  For example, if you pick Denver in week 1, you cannot pick them again. If the pool continues into the playoffs the above team restrictions will remain in place.  Therefore you may need to plan ahead and try to save some teams for the playoffs.  

This pool is single elimination.  You are eliminated the first time you make an incorrect pick.

This pool does not have the Bye Pick option turned on.  You must pick a team every week.

The winner is the person who advances to the latest week. If there are 2 survivors and 1 of them is out of teams to pick the other player still needs to advance one more week to win. 

If there are 2 or more people remaining in the pool, and all of them are eliminated in the same week before the end of the regular season, the pool manager will revive those people and let them continue playing. [Optionally, you could call it a tie or have everyone involved enter a superbowl total points prediction for a tiebreaker.] 

If 2 or more people advance to the end of the regular season they will continue into the playoffs.  If 2 or more people survive through the championship game (Superbowl) then it will be a tie.

The pick deadline for this pool is set by the pool manager and it can change from week to week depending on the schedule and whether the manager chooses to change it.  However, once a game starts, picks for that game are locked and can’t be changed or entered.  You can only enter or change picks for games that haven’t started.  For more information about how the website handles deadlines, check the website FAQ page.  

This pool uses the website Autopick feature.  If you miss the pick deadline the website will make your pick the biggest available favorite.  If no favorites are available then you will get the smallest available underdog. The autopicker runs right after your pick deadline passes and it will not assign a team that has already started playing.  So if your pick deadline is on Sunday and the biggest favorite of the week played on Thursday, then you will get a different team.  If two teams are tied as the biggest favorite the autopicker will assign one of those teams arbitrarily.  

People without internet access can have another pool member enter their picks by using an Alias.  Aliases can also be used to make multiple entries into the pool.  Check the website FAQ page to find out more about Aliases.  

To revive a player means to allow someone back into the pool who previously was eliminated.  The website gives the pool manager the ability to revive people at his/her discretion.  When a player is revived, they show up in the standings with an R by their pick, indicating they were revived.

The pool manager has the ability to enter or change picks for any one at any time.  If the pool manager looks at your pick before the pick deadline passes, you will be notified by an automated website email.  If the pool manager changes anybody’s pick after the deadline or after the game started, that pick will get flagged with an M so everyone can see how and when it changed. 

It is your responsibility to confirm that your own picks are accepted by the website.  You should see the Congratulations Screen after submitting your picks and you should receive a pick confirmation email.  If you are still unsure if your pick was accepted, you should return to the picksheet, not by using your browser’s back button, but by clicking on the My Picks link.  If your pick was accepted it will be prefilled on the picksheet. 

If a game is postponed to a later week, all the picks for that game will be deleted by the website.  The website will send an email notification to the people who picked that game and their pool managers.  Whether they get the email or not, it is the responsibility of the individual pool member to know that the game was postponed and to enter a new pick (if necessary) before the pick deadline passes.

If there is ever a discrepancy between what the website shows and what the player says he/she entered, the website will be considered correct.  If there is ever a discrepancy between what the website shows and a pick confirmation email, the website will be considered correct.  

The pool manager’s contact information can be found on the website under HELP>Contact Pool Manager




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