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Frank Seravalli, a prominent figure in the world of hockey journalism, has become a household name for NHL enthusiasts, especially for his insights on trade rumors and expansion drafts.

With a significant following on Twitter, Seravalli has established himself as a reliable and influential source for the latest happenings in the NHL. He is currently associated with The Daily Faceoff, a well-known platform where he regularly contributes, providing in-depth analyses and breaking news in the hockey world.

Seravalli’s reputation took a notable turn during the 2021 NHL expansion draft. Known for his extensive network and insider knowledge, he made headlines by leaking all 30 picks of the draft, a full 8 hours before the official announcement. This move not only showcased his deep connections within the NHL but also stirred up considerable debate about the ethics of such leaks in sports journalism.

His Twitter account is a treasure trove of information, often being the first to break news about trades, signings, and other major announcements. Frank Seravalli’s work on the Daily Faceoff includes a mix of written articles, video segments, and podcast appearances, often focusing on trade rumors and fantasy hockey predictions. He also delves into detailed analyses of the NHL salary cap, providing fans and experts alike with insights into the financial aspects of hockey team management.

In addition to his reporting, Seravalli often appears on various radio shows, further discussing his latest findings and predictions. His ability to gather and report insider information has made him a key figure in NHL media, with many fans and professionals closely following his updates for the latest news and rumors.

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