Get Ready for the Masters Golf Pool 2024!

Are you a golf enthusiast pumped for the Masters? Put your knowledge to the test and join our thrilling Masters Golf Pool 2024! Compete for bragging rights and maybe even some winnings!

How to Play

  • Entry Fee: $10 (Canadian bank e-transfers only)
  • Deadline: Submit your fee by Wednesday, April 10, 2024
  • E-transfer to: [email protected]


  • Choose one player from each of the 6 player groups.
  • Combine the lowest scores from 4 of your 6 players.
  • At least 4 players must make the cut to qualify.


Note: If a player withdraws before his tee-off time on Thursday (the first round) a replacement player will be substituted for him; the next player in the groupings. For example, if your player is Ranked number 7 the 8th-ranked player will be your new pick. If it is a wild card pick your substitute will be the last player ranked in the group your WC player replaced.

Join the fun and test your Masters prediction skills! Invite your friends for even more excitement!

Prize Breakdown (183 entries):

30% of pot 1st = $549
25% of pot 2nd = $457.50
20% of pot 3rd = $366
15% of Pot 4th = $274.50
10% of Pot 5th = $183

Ties will split the pot(s)

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Masters Golf Pool Leaderboard

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