NHL Rumors for January 22, 2022 have the Toronto Maple Leafs interested in making a trade for Ben Chiarot or Josh Manson.
NHL Rumors for January 22, 2022 have the Toronto Maple Leafs interested in making a trade for Ben Chiarot or Josh Manson.

Ben Chiarot’s name has been floating around the NHL rumors mill for the past month or so with the Florida Panthers marked as the team he could be traded to? But are the Toronto Maple Leafs serious about making a Chiarot trade with their rival?

Josh Manson’s name has also circulated in the rumor mill for the past year and there is a chance he could be traded at the NHL trade deadline, with the Leafs having interest.

Darren Dreger was on Toronto’s sports radio station TSN1050 and stated Chiarot would make sense for the Leafs: Montreal is going to trade Ben Chiarot to the team that is going to pay the most and it doesn’t matter that it’s Toronto, it doesn’t. They got bigger fish to fry in Montreal than worrying about helping the Maple Leafs.

Dreger went on to talk about another Leafs trade target and mentioned Josh Manson. Dreger is not totally sure if the Anaheim Ducks will trade Manson or keep him as their own rental? Dreger stated, “I’d have eyes on him, again, he can play whatever style you want, expiring contracts are important.”

The Leafs are all in this year and will likely have a very tough first round opponent in the Tampa Bay Lightning or Florida Panthers. They will make a trade for a defenseman, the question is will they give up a first round pick for Chiarot or Manson?


  1. It seems as if the Maple Leafs are interested in anyone that is going to be traded. K.D. must make his presence known in their division as well! Ben is the make-up D-man they need! Josh seems to be a wishful d-man Toronto would like also! The asking price is high for Josh, Toronto needs a D-man who knows what is expected of him plus he is much better all around. I know K.D. would love a guy like Josh Mason. This time it is a no brainer to obtain Ben Chiarot! He is a defesive minded player & would help younger d-men improve their skills. I like Josh, & know he would be good for them too. I understand it will cost more also!

  2. I would like nothing better thank to see Ben Chiarot a Maple Leaf . He is a punishing force in front of the net . I actually hold Chiarot responsible for a past on going Austin Matthews shoulder injury .
    Leafs are not looking favourable with these blown leads come the third period , definitely a pattern , concern , and OMG – dreaded thought of another 1st round exit , especially in a very difficult , competitive division .
    The backup goaltender is another concern, as Campbell hasn’t been his normal self lately either .The Leafs will not obtain Chiarot for only a first round draft pick , a high end prospect will have to be included , a bit of a no brainer , as I feel many teams will be in , as per this player , and the new GM , and VP will be trying to make a statement !


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