Jake Oettinger
NHL trade rumors for July 8, 2022 feature Jake Oettinger and an offer sheet. A few teams are deciding if they will submit an offer sheet.

Last season Jake Oettinger emerged as the starting goalie for the Dallas Stars and almost stole a first round upset win over the Calgary Flames in the playoffs.

Oettinger is a restricted free agent and NHL trade rumors are making the rounds that he could receive an offer sheet this summer.

Pierre LeBrun tweeted out that he has heard some NHL teams internally debating the merits of offer sheeting Jake Oettinger, who is coming off his entry level deal.

Would imagine Stars would match absolutely anything. But I know some teams are debating it. Which doesn’t mean they will actually do it. Tempting maybe?

Pierre LeBrun, Twitter

Dallas has just over $18 million in Stars salary cap space available next season, the problem is they have other players to sign and the big one is forward Jason Robertson who will command a big pay day.

For an offer sheet to work and make sense, a team could offer Oettinger a 7-year deal worth $7.5 AAV. The compensation the Stars would get would be 1st, 2nd & 3rd round picks. It would have to be the teams own picks and not a traded draft pick.

Oettinger, 23 was drafted in the first round of the 2017 NHL Entry Draft at #26 overall. He has a total off 77 games played and 9 playoff games.

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