Dallas Stars Salary Cap 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of the NHL, managing a team’s finances, especially the salary cap is a critical aspect of maintaining a competitive edge. The Dallas Stars, a prominent team in the league, have been a model example of cap-friendly strategies, meticulously managing their Dallas Stars salary cap and cap space.

The Dallas Stars’ approach to managing their salary cap has been commendable. With a keen focus on balancing high-value contracts and nurturing talent, the team has effectively utilized its cap space. The Dallas Stars’ payroll is a testament to their strategic planning, ensuring that they have the financial flexibility to make key player acquisitions and retain core team members.

Understanding the Dallas Stars Cap Space and Payroll Dynamics

A pivotal aspect of the Stars’ strategy is their ability to manage the cap space efficiently. This involves making savvy contract negotiations and being proactive in the trade market. The Dallas Stars cap space allows for tactical decisions, positioning the team favorably against competitors in the NHL. Being cap-friendly is not just about staying under the salary cap limit; it involves making smart financial decisions that benefit the team’s long-term objectives.

The Dallas Stars payroll management also demonstrates their commitment to building a sustainable and competitive team. By allocating resources wisely and focusing on player development, the Stars have maintained a balance between experienced veterans and emerging young talent. This blend is essential for a dynamic and adaptable team, ready to face the challenges of the NHL season.

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Dallas Stars Salary Cap – Dallas Stars Cap Space

Seguin, Tyler "A"$9,850,000 $9,850,000 $9,850,000 $9,850,000 $9,850,000 UFANMCC, RW30
Benn, Jamie "C"$9,500,000 $9,500,000 $9,500,000 UFANMCLW, C33
Robertson, Jason$7,750,000 $7,750,000 $7,750,000 $7,750,000 RFALW, RW23
Pavelski, Joe$5,500,000 UFA35+NMCRW, C38
Marchment, Mason$4,500,000 $4,500,000 $4,500,000 $4,500,000 UFANMCLW, RW27
Faksa, Radek$3,250,000 $3,250,000 $3,250,000 UFAM-NTCLW, C28
Hintz, Roope$3,150,000 $8,450,000 $8,450,000 $8,450,000 $8,450,000 $8,450,000 C, LW26
Gurianov, Denis$2,900,000 RFARW, LW25
Glendening, Luke$1,500,000 UFAC, RW, LW33
Kiviranta, Joel$1,050,000 UFARW, LW26
Johnston, Wyatt$894,167 $894,167 $894,167 RFAELC C19
Dellandrea, Ty$863,333 RFAELC C, RW22
TOTAL$50,707,500 $44,194,167 $44,194,167 $30,550,000 $18,300,000 $8,450,000 27.5
Heiskanen, Miro$8,450,000 $8,450,000 $8,450,000 $8,450,000 $8,450,000 $8,450,000 LD/RD23
Lindell, Esa$5,800,000 $5,800,000 $5,800,000 UFANMCLD28
Suter, Ryan$3,650,000 $3,650,000 $3,650,000 UFA35+NMCLD37
Miller, Colin$1,850,000 $1,850,000 UFARD30
Hakanpää, Jani$1,500,000 $1,500,000 UFARD30
Lundkvist, Nils$925,000 $925,000 RFAELC RD22
Hanley, Joel$750,000 UFALD/RD31
TOTAL$22,925,000 $22,175,000 $17,900,000 $8,450,000 $8,450,000 $8,450,000 28.7
Oettinger, Jake$4,000,000 $4,000,000 $4,000,000 RFAG23
Wedgewood, Scott$1,000,000 $1,000,000 UFAG30
TOTAL$5,000,000 $5,000,000 $4,000,000 26.5
SEASON OPENING INJURED RESERVE (1)2022-232023-242024-252025-262026-272027-28TERMSPOSAGE
Caamano, Nicholas$0RFALW, RW24
BURIED PENALTY (1 - $2,208,333)2022-232023-242024-252025-262026-272027-28TERMSPOSAGE
Khudobin, Anton$2,208,333 UFAG36
TOTAL$2,208,333 36
ROSTER & BURIED CAP HIT $80,840,833 $71,369,167 $66,094,167 $39,000,000 $26,750,000 $16,900,000
PROJECTED CAP HIT $81,710,901 $71,369,167 $66,094,167 $39,000,000 $26,750,000 $16,900,000
SALARY CAP $82,500,000 $83,500,000 $87,500,000 $92,000,000 $92,000,000 $92,000,000
PROJECTED CAP SPACE $789,099 $12,130,833 $21,405,833 $53,000,000 $65,250,000 $75,100,000
CURRENT CAP SPACE $1,081,358 -----


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