Picture of Ottawa Senators forward Shane Pinto. What will his next contract look like?
Ottawa Senators' Shane Pinto faces a crossroad in his budding NHL career with a 41-game suspension and ongoing contract negotiations.

The 41-game suspension handed to Shane Pinto by the NHL, the first of its kind for an alleged gambling violation, has placed both him and the Ottawa Senators in uncharted territory​.

The Ottawa Senators, on their part, have expressed support for Pinto, appreciating his remorse, and are committed to helping him address his issues. They have also stated their intention to welcome him back once the time is right and with the league’s blessing​.

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What will Shane Pinto’s next contract look like?

Amid this suspension, a significant issue revolves around Pinto’s contract. Being a restricted free agent, Pinto and the Senators have been in discussions regarding a new contract. There’s a disparity between what the Senators can offer and what Pinto expects, with the Senators having about $1.6 million in salary cap space with LTIR being used, while Shane Pinto has been consistently looking for $2.5 million.

The suspension, contract discussions, and injury situation have all combined to create a complex scenario for the Ottawa Senators as they navigate the 2023-24 NHL season.

Making the numbers work to secure Pinto’s contract, addressing the league’s disciplinary measures, and ensuring a strong roster are all part of the challenges and considerations facing the Senators in the aftermath of this unprecedented suspension.

What are Senator fans saying about the Shane Pinto suspension and contract?

They suspend him for gambling, but gambling sites and casinos are NHL sponsors.

He will still hold out for his $2.5 million contract once his suspension is over.

Team should have traded him to Philly when they had the chance in the offseason.


  1. I wish all these so-called NHL “insiders” would do some digging and expose the truth. So far all they are doing is putting out click-bait stories


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