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Explore the intricacies of the NHL No-Trade Clause (NTC), a key element in player contracts affecting trades, team dynamics, and salary cap strategies.

The NHL No-Trade Clause (NTC) is a significant contractual element in professional hockey, granting players a considerable degree of control over their career trajectory. This clause, often included in the contracts of seasoned and high-profile players, restricts a team’s ability to trade the player to another team without their consent. The NTC differs from the No-Movement Clause (NMC), which not only prohibits trades but also prevents the team from moving the player to minor league affiliates or placing them on waivers without their agreement.

The strategic importance of the NTC in the NHL cannot be overstated. It gives players security and stability, ensuring they have a say in their future, particularly in scenarios where a team is undergoing significant changes or a rebuild. For teams, negotiating an NTC involves balancing the need to retain flexibility in roster management with the desire to attract and keep top talent.

When a player with an NTC is approached for a trade, they often have the right to submit a No-Trade List, specifying the teams to which they do not wish to be traded. This list can vary in size based on the specific terms of their contract.

The dynamics of NTCs add complexity to NHL trade rumors and predictions. They play a crucial role during trade deadlines, influencing the movement of key players and reshaping team strategies. Understanding NTCs is also crucial for evaluating the NHL salary cap, as these clauses impact a team’s ability to maneuver financially and strategically.

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NHL No-Trade List 2023-24 | No-Movement Clause

1. Nathan MacKinnon27CNMC$12,600,000
2. Connor McDavid26CNMC$12,500,000
3. Artemi Panarin31LWNMC$11,642,857
4. Auston Matthews25CNMC$11,640,250
5. Erik Karlsson33RDNMC$11,500,000
6. David Pastrnak27RWNMC$11,250,000
7. Drew Doughty33RDM-NTC$11,000,000
8. John Tavares32C, LWNMC$11,000,000
9. Mitchell Marner26RWNMC$10,903,000
10. Jonathan Huberdeau30LW, RWNMC$10,500,000
11. Carey Price35GNMC$10,500,000
12. Aleksander Barkov27CNMC$10,000,000
13. Sergei Bobrovsky34GNMC$10,000,000
14. Jack Eichel26CNMC$10,000,000
15. Anze Kopitar35CNMC$10,000,000
16. Tyler Seguin31C, RWNMC$9,850,000
17. Johnny Gaudreau29LWNMC$9,750,000
18. Zachary Werenski25LDNMC$9,583,333
19. Matthew Tkachuk25RWNMC$9,500,000
20. Brayden Point27C, RWNMC$9,500,000
21. Alex Ovechkin37LWM-NTC, NMC$9,500,000
22. Seth Jones28RDNMC$9,500,000
23. Andrei Vasilevskiy28GNMC$9,500,000
24. Mark Stone31RWNMC$9,500,000
25. Nikita Kucherov30RWNMC$9,500,000
26. Jamie Benn33LW, CNMC$9,500,000
27. Darnell Nurse28LDNMC$9,250,000
28. Mikko Rantanen26RW, CM-NTC$9,250,000
29. Nicklas Bäckström35CM-NTC$9,200,000
30. Roman Josi33LDNMC$9,059,000
31. Dougie Hamilton30RDNMC$9,000,000
32. Jeff Skinner31LW, RWNMC$9,000,000
33. Alex Pietrangelo33RDNMC$8,800,000
34. Dylan Larkin26CNTC$8,700,000
35. Patrik Laine25C, RW, LWM-NTC$8,700,000
36. Sidney Crosby35CNMC$8,700,000
37. Bo Horvat28CNTC$8,500,000
38. Filip Forsberg28LWNMC$8,500,000
39. Mika Zibanejad30CNMC$8,500,000
40. Leon Draisaitl27C, LWM-NTC, NMC$8,500,000
41. Steven Stamkos33LW, CNMC$8,500,000
42. Tomas Hertl29CNMC$8,137,500
43. J.T. Miller30C, LW, RWNMC$8,000,000
44. Jacob Trouba29RDNMC$8,000,000
45. Logan Couture34CM-NTC$8,000,000
46. John Carlson33RDM-NTC$8,000,000
47. Brent Burns38RDM-NTC$8,000,000
48. Kevin Fiala26RW, LWNMC$7,875,000
49. Victor Hedman32LDM-NTC$7,875,000
50. Evgeny Kuznetsov31CM-NTC$7,800,000


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