Anthony Beauvillier
The New York Islanders are looking to trade Anthony Beauvillier to free up cap space and the Montreal Canadiens are interested.

GM Lou Lamoriello has been busy working the phones looking to move out salary so he can finally let the media know about the pending signing of Nazem Kadri. ( I guess the trade rumor never panned out)

But with the news of Carey Price likely out for the year and Sean Monahan on LTIR, the Habs will have room to pursue Anthony Beauvillier.

The latest NHL trade rumors out of New York have the Islanders looking to trade Anthony Beauvillier to free up Isles salary cap space.

Could Anthony Beauvillier end up playing for the Montreal Canadiens?

Jimmy Murphy of Montreal Hockey Now reports the Montreal Canadiens have interest in a Beauvillier trade as he is a Quebec native.

The Islanders refuse to take any salary back in a trade for Beauvillier and only want prospects or draft picks.

The problem the Canadiens have is they are pressed against the salary cap and would have to move out another player like Christian Dvorak or Mike Hoffman if they do indeed want Beauvillier.

With many NHL teams already having full or close to full rosters, the Islanders are finding it tough to move out salary to announce the signing of Kadri.

The Habs would love Beauvillier, but they have the same issue as the Isles, they need to move salary out and I am sure GM Kent Hughes would be asking for a sweetener in a Beauvillier trade for the extra leg work Montreal would have to do.


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