Rasmus Sandin
NHL trade rumors for August 18, 2022 feature Rasmus Sandin. Will the Leafs and Sandin agree to a deal, will he be traded or receive an offer sheet?

NHL trade rumors are floating around that Rasmus Sandin and the Toronto Maple Leafs are at a contract impasse as reports indicate that negotiations are going nowhere.

Elliotte Friedman recently reported that Sandin is seeking a three year deal similar to the one Adam Boqvist signed earlier this summer. The Columbus Blue Jackets defenceman signed a three year deal with a $2.6 million AAV.

It is believed GM Kyle Dubas has offered Sandin a bridge deal similar to the one Timothy Liljegren signed with a $1.4 million AAV.

Four options Rasmus Sandin and the Toronto Maple Leafs have

Sandin receives an offer sheet

If a team is in need of a 3rd pairing defenceman they could offer Rasmus Sandin a one year deal worth $4 million, which the Leafs could not match and the compensation back to the Leafs would be a second-round pick.

Rasmus Sandin Hold’s out

Sandin could hold out until he get’s the contract he wants. Maybe an injury happens in the Toronto lineup that would open up more Leafs salary cap to sign Sandin to a deal he seeks.

If Sandin holds out until December 1, 2022, he would have to sit the entire year. This scenario sounds a lot like when William Nylander held out until he got the deal he wanted a few years back.

Sandin is traded

The Toronto Maple Leafs could trade Sandin once training camp starts if no deal is made. But the Leafs would never get the return they seek in a Sandin trade.

Rasmus Sandin signs a contract

The most logical resolution is Sandin signs a contract with the Leafs.

Sandin really has no leverage besides holding out, but if he hold’s out too long, he will end up sitting out the year.

At some point in the next few months, it is likely he agrees to a short-term deal in the $1.4 million range.

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