Picture of Samuel Ersson. He has signed a two-year contract extension with the Flyers.
The latest NHL news for the Philadelphia Flyers features the team signing goalie Samuel Ersson to a two-year contract extension.

With NHL rumors making the rounds that the Philadelphia Flyers could trade goalie Carter Hart, the team has signed goalie Samuel Ersson to a two-year,$2.9 million contract.

The deal carries a salary cap hit of $1.45 million and raises a lot of questions in the Flyers organization on what they will do with the plethora of goalies they have under contract.

Was this a huge overpay for Ersson or is he worth every penny? I will let you decide in the comments below.

Ersson, 23, was drafted 143rd overall by the Philadelphia Flyers in the fifth round of the 2018 NHL entry draft. Currently, over a career that spans 1 season, he has a total of 12 games played.

To retain Ersson’s rights when his contract is up, he is due a qualifying offer of $1.6 million.

What does the Samuel Ersson contract mean for the Philadelphia Flyers?

You can view the Philadelphia Flyers salary cap with Samuel Ersson’s updated cap hit to see how his contract affects the Flyers projected cap space for 2023-24.

Philadelphia currently has $2,967,905 in available cap space for the coming season.

Want to watch Samuel Ersson on TV? View the Flyers game on TV tonight.

Samuel Ersson contract breakdown


What are NHL fans saying about the Flyers signing Samuel Ersson

What is Briere doing? $1.45 million a year for an AHL goalie? Makes no sense.

Good-bye Carter Hart. We will miss you.

I think this is an excellent signing. He will be a solid backup to Carter Hart and Cal Petersen will be the goalie traded.

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