Picture of the Calgary Flames and Minnesota Wild. Will they make a blockbuster trade?
The latest NHL trade rumors for the Calgary Flames and Minnesota Wild feature Noah Hanifin and Mikael Backlund being traded.

NHL trade rumors continue to swarm around the Calgary Flames and what they will do with Noah Hanifin and Mikael Backlund.

Both players are unlikely to re-sign in Calgary and GM Craig Conroy is looking to trade them before the season starts instead of trade deadline deals.

Can the Calgary Flames and Minnesota Wild work out a deal?

This is just a hypothetical trade and with it being the dog days of summer not much is going on in the rumor mill since Erik Karlsson has been traded.

Since this is an NHL trade rumors site and the Calgary Flames and Minnesota Wild have been trending on NHL trade boards and social media channels let’s look at a proposed trade scenario.

The Calgary Flames would send defenseman Noah Hanifin and center Mikael Backlund (50% retained) to the Minnesota Wild for Calgary’s 2024 first-round draft pick, 2025 3rd round pick, prospect Liam Ohgren and defenseman Jacob Middleton.

What are NHL fans saying about a Calgary Flames and Minnesota Wild trade?

Minnesota Wild are in deep salary cap hell with Parise and Suter on the books. I think they would need to trade out another salary for the proposed trade to work.

Noah Hanifin is a top pairing defenseman. He will get a lot if the Flames hold onto him until the NHL trade deadline.

Hanifin will be a Boston Bruins at some point this coming season. Book it!

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  1. meh my bad, I didn’t realize this proposal was for both Backlund AND Hanifin. Definitely not enough for both of them especially not if they’re taking on Middleton too.

  2. That could work if the Flames are ok with taking on Middleton but having 2 years left on his contract could be a problem in 2024-25.

    Ohgren is an intriguing prospect. He’s a goal scorer and Calgary needs more finishers. He has good size too which is great with so many of Calgary’s best most skilled young players and prospects being on the small side.

  3. Who comes up with this dumb shit. That would be the stupidest trade in NHL History. Do you really think Conroy is that stupid. Trade away Players that are worth a first pick each, but retain half a salary & a couple of no names? Your on glue man.


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