Picture of Mitch Marner. He is expected to sign a $13 million contract extension with the Leafs next offseason.
The latest NHL trade rumors for the Toronto Maple Leafs feature the team signing Mitch Marner next offseason to a $13 million a year deal.

There have been numerous NHL trade rumors surrounding the Toronto Maple Leafs this offseason. Speculation indicates that they may trade William Nylander, and there is talk of a potential trade involving Noah Hanifin. Additionally, there is trade talk about whether or not Mitch Marner will be the player that the Leafs choose to unload.

We had hundreds of comments on a Marner trade we posted in July and a good portion of Leafs fans wanted to keep Nylander and trade Marner.

Mitch Marner is expected to sign a $13 million-a-year extension with the Leafs next offseason

Elliotte Friedman was on his 32 Thoughts Podcast and stated that Mitch Marner is a comparable player to Auston Matthews and will likely get a significant raise from his current $10,903,000 salary.

Friedman went on to say he sees Marner getting a salary a shade lower than Matthews $13,250,000 salary.

Starting in 2025-26, it is highly probable that two players of the Toronto Maple Leafs will earn salaries of $13 million.

What are Toronto Maple Leafs fans saying about Mitch Marner getting $13 million a year?

The Toronto Maple Leafs are a joke. Go ahead and pay Matthews, Marner and Nylander.
For $26.2m you could have:
Stutzle ($8.4m)
Tkachuk ($8.2m)
Batherson ($5m)
Chychrun ($4.6m)

Marner is an elite playmaker, excellent penalty killer and deadly on the power play. He is worth the $13 million he will be getting.

Trade Marner next offseason and wait a year and target Connor McDavid. Matthews and McDavid as your 1 and 2 centers would be deadly.

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