Picture of Noah Hanifin. Will he be traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs for William Nylander?
The latest NHL trade rumors have the Toronto Maple Leafs making a trade for Calgary Flames defenseman Noah Hanifin for William Nylander.

A ton of NHL trade rumors have circulated around the Toronto Maple Leafs this offseason as many fans have wondered what type of contract Auston Matthews will receive. Will the Leafs trade William Nylander and what will the return be?

The latest Leafs rumors have the team interested in a player GM Brad Treliving knows well and that is Calgary Flames defenseman Noah Hanifin.

Will Noah Hanifin be traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs?

William Nylander is seeking a contract extension worth $10 million a year next season and the Toronto Maple Leafs cannot take on a new contract of that size which is making Nylander expendable.

With Auston Matthews getting a new contract soon and Mitch Marner likely signing a new deal next offseason in the $12 million a year range, NHL trade rumors are making the rounds of a William Nylander for Noah Hanifin trade.

Leafs GM Brad Treliving has a great relationship with Noah Hanifin and rumors stating Hanifin would like to sign with an American team when his contract is up, could be put to bed if the Leafs brass can convince him to stay in Toronto.

What would it take for a Nylander for the Hanifin trade to be completed?

The trade would be straight up, William Nylander to Calgary for Noah Hanifin with a conditional second-round pick going to Toronto if Nylander re-signs in Calgary.

What are NHL fans saying about Noah Hanifin being traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs

The Leafs need to call the Flames and at least make an inquiry if the Flames are interested in William Nylander. This trade needs to happen and makes sense for both teams.

A top line of Huberdeau – Lindholm – Nylander would look awesome in Calgary. Leafs would get a solid defenseman that they badly need on the backend.

I like the trade, but the Leafs are not getting Hanifin and Toronto will hold onto Nylander this season. Who knows what happens with his contract next offseason?

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  1. Nylander for Hanifin is the most rediculous trade rumour I have ever heard. Hanafin wants to play in the USA. The Leafs need to dump salary since they are way over the salary cap. Hanafin gets almost the same salary as Nylander so this trade would not help their cap. Nylander is a soft player and not the type of player the Flames need.

  2. I agree trade Matthew’s to Calgary for hanifin and 3 good players. Matthew’s expendable. Remember when Habs traded wickenhiser and got 3 players and Habs won stanely cups. Let’s get this done. Frees up a lot of cap space to sign good players

  3. Get real! Nylander is a top flight forward who scored 40 goals, 88 points and who keeps improving each season for a mediocre defenseman. If Trelivin makes that trade he better not go out alone in the city. There will be an absolute uproar. Not only among fans, but the Leaf players too. Therefore we have to label his rumour as nonsense.

  4. Who’s to say that Calgary isn’t on Nylander’s 15 team no trade list that was submitted on July 1? If I’m Nylander and I wanted to stay in Toronto, I would put on the team that my new GM just came from and has the most relationships with.

  5. It took Moses 40 yrs to get out from the dessert. It’s going to take the leafs another 50 yrs to smarten up.They need to watch Ted Lasso to get the true meaning behind the comedy.

  6. Treliving should have traded Marner at the draft. We now have 2 more years of his showboating, only to see him move on. Everyone knows that Matthews will be leaving, and Nylander will be traded and the leafs will be in another rebuild. No movement clause’s destroyed the leafs and Shanahan should be fired, and he can shove his plan up his ass until he chokes.

    • 100% agree Marner should of been traded. Atleast Nylander shows up in the playoffs when it matters but we’re gonna lose him because they kept Marner. I hope you’re right about Marner leaving in 2 years but I’m afraid they’re gonna sign the cry baby again and we know he won’t take a team friendly deal.

    • I also have been pondering the very same viewpoint of “why didn’t Shanahan get fired?” Dubas was in fact the very reason the Leafs have had all the success in the last better part of a decade. All at the cusp of being a playoff success. Treliving was nothing short of the biggest mistake to replace one of the most innovative GMs in the NHLs new era.

    • Nobody knows Mathews will be moving on. In fact, it is pretty clear he will resign. There is no rebuild happening as the core are all 25 and 26 except J.T. and he will never get that kind of money again. So this tells me you are either a Leaf basher or not a very good hockey fan. Please try to make sense.

    • Agree 100%, Nylander was the only core 4 that showed up for the playoffs. Would rather say farewell to Matthews in exchange for a stronger defence.

  7. Leaf fans can only hope and have their thick ply tissues by their side.
    By the way I’ll be selling suckies for the real babies.

    • No Matthews is bad. Nylander shows up in the playoffs. Matthews has not shown up in the playoffs. So trade matthews for hanifin and Anderson and 2 more good players. Are you listening Mr manager.

    • Wrong matthews and mariner are buddies trade both of them and get good strong physical guys that can feed the puck to Nylander. Had I
      Enough of weakling mariner. To small. Figure skater. Whimp. Showboating


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