Erik Karlsson trade rumors
The San Jose Sharks want 3 first round picks in an Erik Karlsson trade. The Sharks will retain 18% of his contract to make a trade happen.

Erik Karlsson’s name starting popping up in the NHL trade rumors mill earlier this season when Karlsson was lighting up the score sheet with his excellent play.

Karlsson currently has 56 points (13g, 43a) in 43 games played. If he keeps up his current play he will end up with 107 points this season.

Now it appears San Jose Sharks management want to capitalize on Karlsson’s great play and try to unload his HUGE salary and get some draft picks back.

Is Erik Karlsson’s contract tradeable?

Frank Seravalli of The Daily Faceoff reports the San Jose Sharks are asking for three first-round picks and the Sharks will retain 18% of his contract to facilitate an Erik Karlsson trade. That would knock Karlsson down to a roughly $9.4 million salary cap hit.

Seravalli went on to say in his piece that he sees the Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs, Seattle Kraken and Washington Capitals as potential fits.

Of course Karlsson would have to waive his no-trade clause to be traded out of San Jose.

What are fans saying about an Erik Karlsson trade?

They would have moved Karlsson for future considerations last year with more cap retention…guy gets a handful of points to start the year and they want 3 1st round picks. How is an NHL GM this bad? No one is paying that and they are still going to be on the hook when he sucks again.

Why would any team pay anything close to that for a horrible contract. If the Sharks get offered one first rounder they should take it in a heartbeat.

A Erik Karlsson trade would only ever work if the Sharks retain is 50% of his salary.

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