Picture of Vladimir Tarasenko. Will he sign with the Chicago Blackhawks?
Connor Bedard will need an offensive weapon to play with next season and rumors have the Blackhawks interested in Vladimir Tarasenko.

The Chicago Blackhawks are set to draft phenom Connor Bedard on Wednesday June 28 and that means the Blackhawks will be seeking some players for Bedard to play with next year.

This years NHL free agent crop is not the greatest with Ryan O’Reilly, Vladimir Tarasenko, Tyler Bertuzzi, Max Pacioretty and James van Riemsdyk the leading available offensive weapons for next season.

Will the Blackhawks sign Vladimir Tarasenko?

Elliotte Friedman was on his 32 Thoughts Podcast and discussed what the Chicago Blackhawks will do once they draft Connor Bedard?

Friedman went on to say in his podcast hit that he see’s Blackhawks management interested in signing Vladimir Tarasenko on a short-term deal to play with Bedard.

Friedman did not mention how much money it would take for the Blackhawks to sign Tarasenko.

What are Blackhawk fans saying about a potential Vladimir Tarasenko contract?

Oh please make this happen. Not going to complain about this Tarasenko rumor. We need some scoring.

I do not see this happening. Tarasenko wants to be on a playoff contender, not on a rebuilding Blackhawks team.

The Blackhawks need Tarasenko. They have no offense and Bedard needs someone offensive to play with.

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