Picture of Owen Tippett and Kailer Yamamoto. Will they be traded?
NHL rumors are making the rounds that the Oilers are offering up Kailer Yamamoto and a 1st round pick for Owen Tippett.

The Edmonton Oilers are looking to shed some salary this offseason and one Oiler player that is making the NHL Rumors mill is forward Kailer Yamamoto.

The Oilers are seeking a player that has a scoring touch and has half the salary that Yamamoto makes. Edmonton needs to fill 5 roster spots and only have $5 million is cap space to work with this offseason.

Will the Oilers trade Kailer Yamamoto for Flyers Owen Tippett?

The rumor mill has the Edmonton Oilers talking with the Philadelphia Flyers about a Kailer Yamamoto trade for Owen Tippett.

Yamamoto, 24, makes $3.1 million/ year with his best year being in the 2021-22 NHL season where he put up 41 points (20g, 21a).

Tippett, 24, makes $1.5 million and is coming off his best season where he put up 49 points (27g, 22a) in 77 games played.

NHL rumors have the Oilers offering up Yamamoto and a 2024 first round pick for Owen Tippett.

What are NHL fans saying about a Yamamoto trade for Tippett?

Owen Tippett is not worth Yamo and a first. If we are giving up a 1st round pick, I want Travis Konecny from Philly.

Yamamoto has sooo much skill but no finishing ability. It is like his stick is made of rubber.

Makes sense to give up a first for a salary dump trade. If the Oilers are unwilling to sweenten the pot to dump Yamamoto for Tippett, then just buy him out and lose him for nothing.



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