Picture of Carter Hart. Will he be traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs?
The Latest NHL rumors have the Toronto Maple Leafs looking to make a trade for Philadelphia Flyers goalie Carter Hart.

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Ilya Samsonov are no where near getting a contract completed. The Maple Leafs have very little wiggle room to offer Samsonov a hefty contract.

NHL trade rumors have the Leafs offering Samsonov a $2.4 million deal where Samsonov is seeking a contract worth $4.9 million.

Will the big difference in salary expectations lead the Maple Leafs looking into the trade route for a new goalie?

Will the Toronto Maple Leafs trade for Carter Hart?

NHL rumors had been making the rounds earlier this offseason that Carter Hart is available for trade when the Flyers made a trade for goalie Cal Peterson.

Hart does have a $3,979,000 Flyers salary cap hit, so the Leafs will have to find a way of shipping out Matt Murray and his salary cap hit or sending him to Robidas island and bury his contract to open up salary.

With Jake Muzzin going to LTIR again, the Leafs would be able to bring on Hart’s contract.

What are Leaf fans saying about a Carter Hart trade to Toronto?

Please, please, please make this trade. I would take Hart over Samsonov any day.

What are the Leafs going to give up for Carter Hart? William Nylander?

If I am the Philadelphia Flyers, I am asking for Joseph Woll and the Leafs 2024 first round pick.

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  1. Samsonov will likely get only $3.65 M for 1 year after his arbitration is completed. So, if Carter Hart is at $3.979 M, it would make zero sense for Hart to head to Toronto because the Maple Leafs cannot afford him.

  2. Hart has a career .906 save percentage and a 2.96 GAA. Samsonov has a career .908 save percentage and a 2.65 GAA. Pretty similar stats except that Hart played for a weaker Philly team his whole career and Samsonov played for the caps who have always been a contender. I think the biggest difference between the two is there age. Keeping Samsonov gives the leafs a stable net for 3 more years. If they gamble on Hart and it works out, he could be a solid long term goaltender. I am personally tired of dreaming, and based on his rock solid 27-10 record last season I’m all in on Samsonov.

  3. Harts great just needs a real team deffense in front to help him we have a geat shot with samsonov or carter hart we have to start on time and play a full 3 periods of hockey not just halfway

  4. No they don’t, they can’t sign another player until they create some cap space, so no Hart is not coming to Toronto, leafs have little wiggle room and will probably get Samsonov for 1 yr at the lower arbitration hearing since Samsonov hasn’t enough leverage for the higher amount but should the arbitrator rule in favour of Samsonov demand Leafs will walk away and let Samsonov become a free agent, Leafs couldnt afford Harts contract. So nothing will happen until tomorrow when Samsonov has his hearing, then the leafs will need to trade a player ,either Nylander or Brodie as the leafs are allowed to be over the cap by certain percentage which they are at now, players going on long term injury can’t be placed their until start of season, so only way the leafs add or lower cap hit is by trade

  5. R u people serious samsonov is not as good as hart sorry.i dont think samsonov is worth the money he wants but i say hes worth 3m for 3 yrs and trade murray and wee willie to philly for hart and koneckny that way u dump murrays outrageous contract and willie is not wort h 10 m a yr then put muzzin on ltir to get cap compliant.i think hart and sammy would make a great tandem and koneckny csn play with better players in top 6 for sure.hes a great player and watch harts #s get better being hes on a way better team .then all you need is karllson somehow someway. Then i would bet on leafs again to atleast make it to the 3rd round or hopefully win lord stanley, which i havnt seen in my 55 yrs.
    But please win it soon so i can finally rip all those leaf haters.


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