Picture of Elias Lindholm and Logan Couture. Will the Sharks and Flames complete a blockbuster trade?
Will the Calgary Flames and San Jose Sharks complete a Logan Couture, William Eklund trade for Elias Lindholm and Daniel Vladar.

The San Jose Sharks are looking to shed themselves of Logan Couture’s contract in which he is owed $8 million/year for another four seasons.

At age 34, and a 3 team no-trade clause will make this a difficult move for GM Mike Grier. If Couture wants to be on a playoff contending team to finish off his career, he could possibly entertain a trade.

Elias Lindholm headed to Calgary for Logan Couture and William Eklund?

NHL trade rumors are making the rounds that the Calgary Flames and San Jose Sharks could complete a pretty significant trade this offseason.

NHL trade chatter have the Flames offering up Elias Lindholm and Daniel Vladar for Logan Couture and William Eklund.

Eklund is a top prospect in the Sharks organization and if they are unloading Couture’s big contract, the sweetener is Eklund in the transaction.

What are NHL fans saying about a San Jose Sharks and Calgary Flames blockbuster trade?

If we are taking on Logan Couture’s contract, I would also want a first round pick in the transaction. His $8 million/year salary is a little rich.

Couture is OLD. I do like Eklund, he could turn into someone special playing with Jonathan Huberdeau.

Lindholm does not want to re-sign in Calgary. Get what you can for him before he walks next summer.


  1. Sharks should absolutely turn this down. They didn’t want to spend roughly Lindholm’s future contract price on Timo Meier because he would’ve been playing through his prime/earning the salary during a rebuild, why are they going to pay the same price to a guy who will be 3 years older than Meier was at the start of their contracts?

  2. I can’t see the Sharks making this trade. They are rebuilding and Eklund is their second best prospect. Couture is their captain and both he and Grier just said they had no interest in Couture leaving. Couture wouldn’t want to go to Calgary anyway because they aren’t a contender, and the Sharks wouldn’t trade Couture (and definitely wouldn’t retain significant salary) without getting a draft pick and/or prospect in return. Lindholm isn’t much better than Couture. San Jose should keep Couture to help mentor young players as the team rebuilds. Hard pass.

  3. If Nashville had to retain 50% on Johansen who is 30 years old with 2 years remaining, San Jose would definitely need to retain 50% on Couture who is 34. If they can get Eklund and they can’t retain Lindholm I think they should consider it, but only with 50% retention. Otherwise the Sharks can keep Couture.


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