Picture of Alexis Lafreniere. Will Lafreniere receive an offer sheet from the Montreal Canadiens?
The latest NHL trade rumors have the Montreal Canadiens giving Alexis Lafreniere an offer sheet worth $5-6 million / year.

Alexis Lafreniere is still sitting without a contract with the New York Rangers and NHL rumors are making the rounds that the Blue Shirts could trade the young forward or receive an offer sheet for Lafreniere.

Lafreniere has been tied to the Chicago Blackhawks, but will his home province Montreal Canadiens make a move?

Will the Montreal Canadiens offer sheet Alexis Lafreniere?

A lot of trade chatter online has suggested that Alexis Lafreniere needs a change of scenery.

New York Ranger fans that want Lafreniere to stay with the team state that he needs to be on the first or second line, get power play time and NHL fans will finally see him produce in New York.

The Rangers also have a new coach in Peter Laviolette that could help change the fortunes for Lafreniere.

This has not stopped the NHL trade rumors that the Montreal Canadiens will make an offer sheet for Alexis Lafreneire.

Online proposals have suggested that the Habs could offer up a one year $5-6 million salary to Lafreniere. The Rangers are in serious salary cap trouble and an offer sheet that high will likely make the Rangers pass on matching the offer.

If the Habs do go ahead and offer sheet Lafreniere for $5-6 million, the cost would be a 2024 first and third round pick.

What are NHL fans saying about a potential Alexis Lafreniere offer sheet?

Lafreneiere must stay in New York! I will be pissed if he is traded and leaves via offer sheet. He will be an 80 point player soon.

Life long Habs fan here. Please make the offer sheet. Lafreniere will blossom in Montreal and playing for Martin St. Louis!

hmmm interesting. I could see a few other teams offer sheet Lafreniere and take a gamble on him.


  1. You never trade a good or star Canadian born player for a package of euro garbage
    They are busts and even if 1 blossoms what will they do in playoffs ?
    Canadian born excel in gruelling playoffs
    And as far as Alex goes ate they crazy ? Look at jumbo joe thortons first 3 or 4 seasons
    Very similar
    If im Leafs i ask for Alex La instead of that busy of a finn
    Marner is Team Canada material so they need a lot more from Rangers
    And if Alex goes to Montreal he will blossom into the star player
    Rangers are crazy to give up on Alex , whst is he 22 ?.

  2. I can’t see giving up a 1st round pick for Lafreniere when the Habs are almost certainly out of the playoffs. They can trade for him on a discount basis, NY needs space and they are gearing up for an “all in ” season. It won’t be free.

  3. I would be surprised if HuGo go down that path and alienate other GMs. I suspect they will try to trade for him instead.
    But if he does accept an offer sheet the Habs MAY be his preferred destination.

  4. So Laffer is the latest French Canadian to be linked to the Habs.

    Once that blows.over, who will be the next one to be linked to Habs?


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