Picture of Alexis Lafreniere. Will he be traded to the Chicago Blackhawks?
NHL trade rumors floating around have the Chicago Blackhawks interested in making a trade for Alexis Lafreniere..

Alexis Lafreniere has been in the NHL trade rumors mill for well over a year. A lot was expected of the #1 overall draft pick from the 2020 NHL entry draft, but he has not lived up to expectations for being a #1 overall pick and is a change of scenery needed?

Lafreniere has been rumored to be going to the Vancouver Canucks and Montreal Canadiens in past rumors. The Canucks rumor was interesting as his former agent Emilie Castonguay is now the assistant general manager of the Canucks.

Will Alexis Lafreniere be traded to the Chicago Blackhawks?

The latest NHL rumors floating around the internet have Alexis Lafreniere landing in Chicago.

What would it take for Lafreniere to be traded to Chicago. The Rangers are probably asking for prospect Lukas Reichel and Chicago’s 2024 first round pick from the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Lafreniere needs a change and if he lands on a line with Connor Bedard, it could change around his career.

What are NHL fans saying about a potential Alexis Lafreniere trade to Chicago?

Laff needs a change of scenery. Him playing with Bedard in Chicago would be interesting.

Lafreniere is a bust! Not a Yakopov bust, but he is a 3rd line player on a good team. Too bad, he was such a great junior player.

The Rangers need to trade Alexis Lafreniere. He has not worked out in New York. He needs to play for another team. If not Chicago, he could be part of a package for Mark Schefiele.

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  1. I thinking that the Rangers wanted to win the cup. This not what how to win anything bringing all these older players . The Rangers have way too many big contracts. No way to get rid of them . Laffy never to his billing .

  2. Laffy has as many even strength goals as Mika since he came into the league. He gets 3rd line minutes – and zero PP time. Both him and Kakko deserve better but unlike most top 3 picks, they both went to a team built to win now with established vets ahead of them. If the Rangers trade them, they’ll regret it.

  3. Funny reading comments by people who don’t fully understand what Lafreniere (and Kakko) have been through playing for the Rangers. Both of them average only ONE minute more of ice time than in their rookie seasons. Neither gets any PP time to speak of. Laffy has been buried on the third line bc both Panarin and Kreider are also left wingers. When you don’t get the same opportunities as other top picks, you don’t get the chance to build up your confidence and you don’t get to put of better numbers. Jack Hughes was TERRIBLE in his rookie year, but the following year he was given first line minutes and PP time anyway, as it should be with a Number One pick. Kakko had as many even strength goals as Mika Zibanejad this season, while averaging a minute less of ES ice time. What else is he supposed to do with no PP time? These kids don’t need a change of scenery, they need minutes and PP time. Neither of them is a bust and neither belongs on the 3rd line. They’ve been misused and underutilized their entire careers so far.

    • What happens if thy get first line minutes this year,and get no more than 40- 50 points what is there worth then. Johnny brodzinski would likely get 45 points with top line minutes.

  4. Be careful trading Laffy. He came to a team with a coach who prefers veterans, gives young players minimal opportunity to improve and was moved from line to line. Gallant is finally gone (good riddance) and the NYR need to start giving their young players a real chance to improve.

    • Thank you. Someone who looks beyond just the stats and doesn’t regurgitate what he hears from other people. Gallant was the problem, not Laffy and not Kakko. Hopefully Laviolette gives them a real opportunity.

  5. First of all, IMO I would take Reichel over Lafreniere right now. “Laffy” had multiple players on his team available who could have “brought out the best in him” – so where was it hiding. A trade that simply sends the Blackhawks’ “Tampa Bay” pick for him seems arguably reasonable. For example, would I trade this year’s similar pick (Oliver Moore) for Lafreniere? I’m not so sure. I think Moore’s upside might even be worth saying no to that deal! We’ve seen countless Lafreniere’s in the NHL who’s lofty expectations yielded only bottom-six realities. He’s not a bad player, but his ceiling may only be a short distance away, which would render him a useful third liner as I see it. Besides, “Laffy” is already a RFA, which means a bigger contract sooner rather than later or risk losing him to FA. I guarantee that if his play next season is similar to the past ones, NY would be lucky to get a late 1st rounder for him at the trade deadine next March.


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