View the 2022 NHL Playoff Predictions. Who will win the Stanley Cup? Can the Toronto Maple Leafs get past the 1st round?
View the 2022 NHL Playoff Predictions. Who will win the Stanley Cup? Can the Toronto Maple Leafs get past the 1st round?

View the updated NHL Playoff Predictions here to see playoff matchups and predicted Stanley Cup winner.

With the Seattle Kraken expansion draft and a salary cap that is not going up, a lot of players this summer have changed teams.

Some teams have improved, while others went into re-build mode.

View the NHL player point predictions 2021-22 season. How many points will Connor McDavid get? Can Auston Matthews hit the 60 goal mark?

Below are the NHL Predictions 2022 season and the NHL playoff predictions 2022 and Stanley Cup winner 2022.

(WC) = Wild Card Teams (MP) = Missed Playoffs

NHL PREDICTIONS 2021 – 2022 Season


Metropolitan Division

1. New York Islanders
2. Pittsburgh Penguins
3. Carolina Hurricanes
4. Washington Capitals (WC)
5. Philadelphia Flyers (MP)
6. New York Rangers (MP)
7. New Jersey Devils (MP)
8. Columbus Blue Jackets (MP)

Atlantic Division

1. Tampa Bay Lightning
2. Toronto Maple Leafs
3. Florida Panthers
4. Boston Bruins (WC)
5. Montreal Canadiens (MP)
6. Ottawa Senators (MP)
7. Detroit Red Wings (MP)
8. Buffalo Sabres (MP)


Central Division

1. Dallas Stars
2. Colorado Avalanche
3. Winnipeg Jets
4. St. Louis Blues (WC)
5. Chicago Blackhawks (WC)
6. Minnesota Wild (MP)
7. Nashville Predators (MP)
8. Arizona Coyotes (MP)

Pacific Division

1. Vegas Golden Knights
2. Edmonton Oilers
3. Vancouver Canucks
4. Calgary Flames (MP)
5. Seattle Kraken (MP)
6. LA Kings (MP)
7. San Jose Sharks (MP)
8. Anaheim Ducks (MP)



Playoff Round 1

#1 seed Tampa Bay Lightning vs #8 seed Washington Capitals Tampa wins (4-1)
#2 seed New York Islanders vs #7 seed Boston Bruins Islanders win (4-3)
Metropolitan Division Match-up
#2 Pittsburgh Penguins vs #3 Carolina Hurricanes Carolina wins (4-2)
Atlantic Division Match-up
#2 Toronto Maple Leafs vs #3 Florida Panthers Toronto wins (4-3)

Playoff Round 2

Tampa Bay Lightning vs Toronto Maple Leafs Tampa wins (4-3)
New York Islanders vs Carolina Hurricanes Islanders win (4-2)

Eastern Conference Finals

Tampa Bay Lightning vs New York Islanders Islanders win (4-3)


Playoff Round 1

#1 seed Vegas Golden Knights vs #8 seed Chicago Blackhawks Vegas wins (4-1)
#2 seed Dallas Stars vs #7 seed St. Louis Blues Dallas wins (4-2)
Central Division Match-up
#2 Colorado Avalanche vs #3 Winnipeg Jets Colorado wins (4-3)
Pacific Division Match-up
#2 Edmonton Oilers vs #3 Vancouver Canucks Edmonton wins (4-2)

Playoff Round 2

Vegas Golden Knights vs Edmonton Oilers Edmonton wins (4-3)
Dallas Stars vs Colorado Avalanche Colorado wins (4-2)

Western Conference Finals

Edmonton Oilers vs Colorado Avalanche Colorado wins (4-2)


New York Islanders vs Colorado Avalanche Colorado Wins (4-3)

The Colorado Avalanche win the Stanley Cup!

Remember these are only predictions and a lot can change with injuries, team chemistry and trades.


  1. Now that someone is starting to predict the Islanders will make it further, I predict that they will miss the playoffs.
    My Islanders play best when nobody sees them coming.

  2. This is good, except for the fact that you guys think the oilers will get past a round. Every one says that the oilers will win rounds, but they can barely win playoff games. With an offseason like that NO WAY! I also believe Calgary is going to make it this year.

  3. we pre much the exact same perdictions, the west side is pre much prefect with the p vegas edmonton vancover and the central having both wildcards

  4. As a Leafs fan I have zero faith in my team after what happened last season. But on the other hand, the Leafs do like preforming well in the regular season and give their fans hope that maybe this year will be the one we win a round, just to choke in another game 7 situation. Going to be very close with teams like the bruins and panthers but honestly knowing the Leafs luck, we’ll probably end up 3rd with Boston taking second, ultimately having to play them in the first round and lose yet another game 7 to them. Basically screw the Leafs, you’re the reason why I have anxiety and trust issues. Win a round and maybe I’ll start to know what happiness feels like.


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