View the 2022 NHL Playoff Predictions. Who will win the Stanley Cup? Can the Toronto Maple Leafs get past the 1st round?
View the NHL Playoff Predictions 2022. Who will win the Stanley Cup? Can the Toronto Maple Leafs get past the 1st round?

The NHL regular season ends on April 29, 2022 and the NHL Playoffs 2022 begin on May 2, 2022 this year.

Since we just passed the NHL trade deadline, why not post some early NHL playoff predictions 2022.

The NHL playoff picture 2022 for the Eastern Conference has been pretty much set on the top eight teams since Christmas.

The Western Conference NHL playoff picture is a little trickier as there are a handful of teams playing for the final two wildcard spots.

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View the NHL Playoff Predictions 2023 edition

NHL Playoff Predictions 2022 Matchups


Playoff Round 1

#1 seed Florida Panthers vs #8 seed Washington Capitals Florida wins (4-1)
#2 seed Carolina Hurricanes vs #7 seed Boston Bruins Carolina wins (4-2)

Metropolitan Division Match-up
#2 New York Rangers vs #3 Pittsburgh Penguins New York wins (4-2)

Atlantic Division Match-up
#2 Toronto Maple Leafs vs #3 Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto wins (4-3)

Playoff Round 2

Florida Panthers vs Toronto Maple Leafs Toronto wins (4-3)
Carolina Hurricanes vs New York Rangers Carolina wins (4-2)

Eastern Conference Finals

Carolina Hurricanes vs Toronto Maple Leafs Carolina wins (4-2)


Playoff Round 1

#1 seed Colorado Avalanche vs #8 seed Dallas Stars Colorado wins (4-0)
#2 seed Calgary Flames vs #7 seed Nashville Predators Calgary wins (4-2)

Central Division Match-up
#2 Minnesota Wild vs #3 St. Louis Blues St. Louis wins (4-2)

Pacific Division Match-up
#2 Edmonton Oilers vs #3 LA Kings Edmonton wins (4-3)

Playoff Round 2

Colorado Avalanche vs St. Louis Blues Colorado wins (4-2)
Calgary Flames vs Edmonton Oilers Calgary wins (4-3)

Western Conference Finals

Colorado Avalanche vs Calgary Flames Colorado wins (4-2)


Carolina Hurricanes vs Colorado Avalanche Colorado Wins (4-3)

Your NHL Playoffs 2022 and Stanley Cup winner is the Colorado Avalanche!


  1. Pretty sure the Bruins are going to climb to 3rd in their division By seasons end.

    Just staying. 4-1 lose to Florida seems like a stretch unless the Bruins run into injury issues

  2. Not bad playoff predictions. I think the Leafs can do damage in the playoffs if they get goaltending.

    Calgary is the team to watch in the West.

    I say it is a Calgary vs Colorado Western Conference Final matchup.

    Eastern Conference Final is Carolina vs Toronto or Florida

    Tampa will be knocked out by Florida or the Leafs.

  3. horrible predictions.

    Vegas is done in by the Curse of the Prima Donna (aka the Eichel Effect).

    Toronto isn’t built for the playoffs, there’s practically no chance they take out Tampa far less Florida.

    Florida and Carolina have the best chance in the east, Colorado and Calgary in the west.


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