Picture of Toronto Maple Leafs forward William Nylander. Will he be traded to the Nashville Predators?
The latest NHL trade rumors for William Nylander have the Toronto Maple Leafs trading him to the Nashville Predators.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are in serious salary cap trouble after the announcement that an arbitrator has awarded goalie Ilya Samsonov a $3.55 million contract for this coming season.

The Maple Leafs are $12 million over the salary cap and if the Leafs use Jake Muzzin’s LTIR, they are still $6.756 million over the cap.

NHL trade rumors have been making the rounds all offseason that the Leafs could trade Nylander rather than sign him to a long-term deal.

Have Leafs management known all along that they would be trading Nylander after the free agent signings of Tyler Bertuzzi and Max Domi? They do fill the offensive void if Nylander departs, plus add some grit to the lineup.

Why William Nylander will be traded to the Nashville Predators?

There are currently only a handful of teams that have the salary cap space to take on William Nylander’s contract this season and NHL trade rumors have one team that is the ideal trade partner, the Nashville Predators.

The Leafs would love to land a top four defenseman for Nylander but they can’t take on cap space. The Leafs will likely be asking for a first round pick and a top prospect in Nashville’s system for Nylander.

What are NHL fans saying about a William Nylander trade to the Nashville Predators?

It seems like the Toronto Maple Leafs will only be able to get draft picks and prospects for William Nylander. Maybe they can sign Vladimir Tarasenko on the cheap?

Nashville should be all over Nylander. That way the Predators can get back to being playoff contenders.

Nylander is gone after the Ilya Samsonov arbitration award. I hope they can get an unprotected first round pick from the Nashville Predators.

The Leafs top two lines will be:

Bertuzzi – Matthews – Marner
Domi – Tavares – Jarnkrok

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  1. As far as i am concerned,nylander should be staying, he is a damned good player.if i was to trade i traveris, i like him but i think nylander is a much better player.. it makes me mad..as far as i am concerned, he played better in the playoff than mathews and travaris put together..it also ticks me off that bunting is gone, yes he was a bit of a scrapper, but he is a good player,, but what do they do, hire another rough guy..i just dont get it..just my opinion

  2. After nylander held out till December to get what he wanted for his last contact, you know darn well he’ll do it again, get what you can for him a let someone else deal with his bs.

  3. The Leafs don’t need Domi and Bertuzzi.
    You can’t buy a Stanley Cup. Probably retain the team and have them earn their money. Otherwise trade Matthew’s and Nylander but don’t retain any salary, and move on.

  4. We need to look at Tavares trade him and keep Nylander a much petter hockey player .we need to look at the totals of each player and should see who is going out the door.pay him what he is worth

  5. Leafs MUST find a way to keep Nylander.

    A see a buyout coming for T.J. Brodie and Matt Murray going on LTIR. That would give us the cap space to be compliant with the NHL.


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