Picture of Carey Price. Will the Montreal Canadiens trade Price?
The latest NHL trade rumors have trade chatter talking about the Montreal Canadiens trading goalie Carey Price.

With NHL trade rumors slowing down as we enter the dog days of summer, some rumblings are making the rounds about what the Montreal Canadiens will do with Carey Price.

Price, 35, is on LTIR and his career is likely done. Carey Price has a salary cap hit of $10.5 million for the next three seasons. Some teams would love to use his LTIR for salary cap reasons but most teams do not want to take on his contract because of the bonuses owed to Price.

Will the Montreal Canadiens trade Carey Price?

The Arizona Coyotes seem like the most logical place for Carey Price’s contract to die, but a Price to Arizona trade will likely not happen. Price was just paid a $6.5 million signing bonus on July 1, 2023 and he is still owed two more signing bonus payments.

Price is owed $5.5 million on July 1,2024 and another $5.5 million on July 1, 2025. With the Yotes in deep financial trouble they are likely taking a pass on Price.

Could the Toronto Maple Leafs take on the Carey Price contract? They have deep pockets and the Leafs are always maxing out the their salary cap and using a $10.5 million LTIR for the Leafs cap strapped payroll could help them out tons.

It will be interesting how NHL trade rumors pick up on Carey Price as we inch closer to the start of the 2023-24 NHL season.

What are NHL fans saying about the Montreal Canadiens trading Carey Price?

It is time for the Arizona Coyotes to move out of Arizona. Bring the franchise to Quebec.

Too bad about Carey Price. He was such a great goalie for the Habs and Team Canada.

Not sure any team, even the Toronto Maple Leafs with bags full of money are willing to spend $11 million in bonus payments on a goalie that will never play another NHL game.

Carey Price will be tradeable in his last season after his last bonus payment is paid out. That is where Arizona will come in and take on the Carey Price contract.

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