Mike Hoffman and Tyson Barrie trade
NHL trade rumors for September 6, 2022 feature the Edmonton Oilers and Montreal Canadiens. Will Tyson Barrie be traded for Mike Hoffman?

The Montreal Canadiens are seeking a right shot defenceman with experience that can move the puck out of the defensive zone. They are hoping to find someone before the NHL season starts.

NHL trade rumors are circulating that that Habs are interested in doing a Mike Hoffman for Tyson Barrie trade.

The Canadiens have 14 forwards under contract for this season and would love to move out a forward for an offensive defenceman.

Why a Mike Hoffman for Tyson Barrie trade would work

Mike Hoffman and Tyson Barrie both make around the same amount of salary and both players would fill a need for the Habs and Oilers.

For the Montreal Canadiens, Tyson Barrie would bring in the puck moving defenceman they seek. He would fill the void left by the departure of Jeff Petry.

For the Edmonton Oilers, Mike Hoffman would bring a scoring forward to fill in a top nine role on the team where he is versatile enough to move around from the first to third line.

Rumors had been floating around that the Canadiens are looking to trade Christian Dvorak, but they may see how he performs for the first quarter of the season, then decide, keep him or trade him.

Right now, it is looking like Hoffman is the odd man out in Montreal.

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