Christian Dvorak
NHL trade rumors for September 1, 2022 feature Christian Dvorak. Will the Habs be able to make a Christian Dvorak trade before the season starts?

The Montreal Canadiens have been looking to add a right shot defenceman for most of the summer but GM Kent Hughes has had no luck.

NHL trade rumors have been circulating that Habs management is looking to move out a forward for a defenceman since Montreal acquired Sean Monahan from the Calgary Flames.

Chriatian Dvorak most likely Habs forward to be traded

It seems that Christian Dvorak is on top of Hughes list to be traded out of Montreal.

Marco D’Aamico reports if Dvorak were to be moved now he may only fetch a return of a third round pick and after the Habs gave up a first and second round pick to get Dvorak.

The problem with trying to trade Dvorak is he is still owed $4.45M for the next three seasons and not many teams have the salary cap space to take on that contract.

“Third round pick if they’re lucky, but I’d say a fourth rounder sounds more on target,” the first source said. “I know he started to play better under Marty [St. Louis] but he is what he is, and on a Stanley Cup contender, that’s a third line centre.”

NHL Source

The Canadiens should be patient with a Christian Dvorak trade

The Montreal Canadiens are not expected to contend for a playoff spot this year. NHL Projections for the 2022-2023 season have the Habs finishing last in the Atlantic Division.

Why rush a trade right now, wait for a quarter of the NHL season to be completed and see if Dvorak can increase his value and get a better return for the Canadiens.

Long-term injuries happen during the season and if a playoff contending team needs a centre/left winger and Dvorak is playing well under coach Martin St. Louis, the Habs can possibly fetch a second round pick in a Dvorak trade.

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  1. When you are in Montreal’s position everyone knows you want to dump salary so they will not do that without getting a draft pick back. So Hughes knows the value of his high cost players being traded without having to give up picks is only after an injury to someone else.

    Tyson Barrie for Hoffman is a neutral trade. No big deal but Dvorak you sit on for now. I would trade Drouin or Dvorak or both to get a young goalie or right d man duh but that is easier said than done. My concern in MTL now is finding a goalie of the future. I do not think Primeau is that guy. I think at best he is an average back up. Certainly better than Montambeault but sorry I don’t see him as the next Price. Then again Price in his first two years people gave up on and everyone wanted them to keep Halak instead so…………….


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