David Pastrnak
NHL trade rumors for October 12, 2022 feature David Pastrnak. Will he re-sign with the Boston Bruins or test free agency next summer?

With the NHL season starting this week, teams have secured their star players this offseason, questions are starting to be asked on what the Boston Bruins will do with David Pastrnak?

Pastrnak is entering the final season of his contract that is paying him $6,666,667. He will be due for a big raise and it appears that both sides are trying to figure out a number that will work, hence that is why he is not re-signed yet.

How much money does David Pastrnak want?

Darren Dreger was on TSN’s Insider Trading segment and reports both sides are not saying much to the media and don’t want to bad mouth each other.

Dreger went on to say he see’s Jonathan Huberdeau’s new contract as a comparable to what Pastrnak is seeking from the Bruins. He will want an 8-year deal with an AVV of $10.5 million.

Why has David Pastrnak not signed with the Bruins?

The obvious answer is money. NHL trade rumors suggest the Bruins have offered Pastrnak the richest contract in team history which means it is more than what Charlie McAvoy signed in 2021, which was a deal with an AVV of $9.5 million.

David Pastrnak, 26, is an elite goal scorer and in his prime so he will want to maximize his contract value. If the Bruins are not willing to pay Pastrnak $10.5-$11 million/year contract, you can expect David to hit the free agent market next summer.

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