Auston Matthews
Will Auston Matthews go down as the best US born player to play the game of hockey when he retires? What do you think?

The NHL Network brought up a great question, when Auston Matthews retires, will he have passed Patrick Kane as the best US born hockey player? What do you think?

I do believe at a minimum, Matthews will have to win a Stanley Cup if he ever wants to be considered the best American-born player to play the game of hockey.

People outside of Toronto, please keep an open mind, just don’t penalize him because he is playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Auston Matthews hold the record for the most goals by a US born player

I don’t believe Matthews has to equal Kane’s three Stanley Cup’s to pass him as the best US born hockey player. If Matthews continues winning Rocket Richard trophies and can add one or two more Hart Trophy wins along with one Stanley Cup, that could make him the best US born hockey player.

Of course, staying healthy for the remainder of his career is another factor in this debate.

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If you are interested when Auston Matthews is playing on TV, you can check out the Toronto Maple Leafs TV Schedule.

Auston Matthews career stats

2016-17Toronto Maple Leafs82402969214
2017-18Toronto Maple Leafs623429632512
2018-19Toronto Maple Leafs68373673-912
2019-20Toronto Maple Leafs70473380198
2020-21Toronto Maple Leafs524125662110
2021-22Toronto Maple Leafs7360461062018
NHL TOTAL4072591984577874

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