Jake Oettinger
NHL trade rumors for August 6, 2022 feature Dallas Stars goalie Jake Oettinger. Can the Stars and Oettinger work out a deal?

Jake Oettinger almost stole the 2022 first round playoff series against the Calgary Flames with his excellent goaltending but the Dallas Stars don’t want to overreact to the one series and give him a big pay day.

The above scenario has lead Oettinger and the Stars at an impasse.

Saad Yousuf of The Athletic reports the big issue between Oettinger and Dallas is his perceived market value and, with training camp about a month away, where things go from here.

NHL trade rumors have Oettinger’s camp seeking a salary of $4 million – $5 million a year. The Stars have over $11 million in cap space but they also have forward Jason Robertson to sign and he will be commanding a big pay day.

Yousuf went on to say in his piece, Stars management want to take things slow and offer him a bridge deal and in a few years if his play is outstanding, he will get his big pay day.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Robertson and Oettinger.

With Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn making a combined $19 million salary per year does not help the Stars cap situation and the signing of the teams young stars.

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