Popular NHL Jersey Numbers
What is the most popular NHL jersey number NHL players wear?

Read about some NHL jersey facts. What is the most popular number worn. What is the least popular. Would you wear #69?

What is your favorite jersey number to wear? I grew up wearing number 3 on my jersey when I played hockey and soccer. There was no rhyme or reason why I wore #3, I just picked that number at a very young age.

You might have a favorite number from a hockey player you follow? You could have adopted a favorite number from your mom, dad or sibling?

Below is a breakdown of the of the most popular and unpopular jersey numbers that NHL players wear.

The bar graph below is courtesy of @Peteyy34 from Reddit.

How many NHL players have worn each jersey number?

What is the most popular jersey number for an NHL player to wear?

Most Popular NHL Jersey #

The most popular number in NHL History that has been worn is #21. The number has be worn by 515 NHL players.

Least Popular NHL Jersey #

The least popular number worn by an NHL player is #0. It has only be worn once and that was by Neil Sheehy of the Hartford Whalers in 1988.

Miscellaneous NHL Jersey number facts

NHL Jersey #69 has been worn twice in the NHL. The last time it was worn was by Andrew Dejardins in 2012.

NHL Jersey #9 is the number that has been retired the most times in the NHL. It has been retired 14 times by 12 franchises.

Unlucky #13, is not a popular selected number. It is on the low end around 125 times.

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