NHL Expansion to 34 teams
Will NHL expansion come to the NHL and give the league 34 teams? The cities of Houston and Atlanta seem to be the frontrunners.

NHL rumors have been going around that the National Hockey League could be looking into expanding the league to 34 teams.

With the success of Vegas and Seattle, it seems logical the NHL has interest to expand another two teams.

The four most recent NHL cities to leave the league were the Atlanta Thrashers (2011), Hartford Whalers (1997), Winnipeg Jets (1996) and the Quebec Nordiques (1995). All teams relocated because of financial reasons.

The Jets relocated back to the NHL in 2011 from Atlanta.

NHL Expansion: Read about a 36 team league

Atlanta and Houston NHL Expansion Frontrunners

The cities of Atlanta and Houston seem to be the frontrunners for NHL expansion down the road. Pierre LeBrun was on TSN and reports the NHL will expand but not right now. Commissioner Gary Bettman likes the league where it is at and he wants to see how the Arizona Coyotes situation plays out.

If the NHL does expand to 34 teams, you can bet there will be a play in added at playoff time like the NBA has done and involve 20 teams in the playoffs instead of the current 16 teams.

Top 4 NHL Expansion teams we wants to see

There have been several cities that have been mentioned as potential locations for NHL expansion. The 4 cities we would like to see get an NHL expansion team are:

  1. Quebec City: This city has a rich hockey history and has been pushing for an NHL team for years. They have a new arena, the Videotron Centre, which was built with the hopes of attracting an NHL team.
  2. Houston: Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States and has a large and growing population of hockey fans. The city already has an arena, the Toyota Center, which could be a potential home for an NHL team.
  3. Kansas City: This city has also been mentioned as a potential location for an NHL team. They have a modern arena, the T-Mobile Center, and a strong fan base that could support a new team.
  4. Hartford: Hartford has a passionate and vocal fan base that has advocated for the return of an NHL team to the city. Plus we love the look of the Hartford Whalers jersey’s! The problem Hartford have is arena availability, ownership groups, and market size.

What are fans saying about NHL expansion

Atlanta has failed TWICE…enough. Get the clown show out of Arizona first

As one who has lived in Atlanta since ‘79, I still have continuing interest in the Calgary Flames and the Winnipeg Jets. I do make it to NC to see games, but my heart is still Go Habs. We are NOT a hockey town.

The fact a city like Quebec City, with a top notch arena already built tells you all you need to know about what the League is thinking. To think they prefer to be in a 5K arena in Arizona is ridiculous, but that’s what Gary wants. Houston & QC would be great!

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