Nazem Kadri holding the Stanley Cup
NHL trade rumors for August 8, 2022 looks at the question, why is Nazem Kadri unsigned? Top 5 teams Kadri could sign with.

It has been over three weeks since the NHL’s free agent frenzy period ended and people are starting to ask, why is Nazem Kadri still unsigned?

NHL trade rumors have floated around that the reason he is unsigned is he has a deal in place with the New York Islanders and it will not be announced until the Isles move some pieces out. Lou Lamoriello does not like to reveal news until all pieces are in place.

It is looking like that there is no deal in place with the Islanders.

Larry Brooks of the New York Post reports, Kadri is still looking for a long term contract with a salary of $9 million/year.

If that is indeed the asking price for Kadri’s services, who turn’s 32 the week prior to the NHL season opener, it is no mystery why he remains unsigned.

Most NHL Analysts feel a four-year deal for Kadri at $7 million a year will find him a deal with a team. If he is indeed seeking $9 million/year on a long-term contract, we might not see Kadri playing when the NHL season begins.

Top 5 teams Nazem Kadri could sign with

  1. New York Islanders (Need to make trades to accommodate his salary)
  2. Detroit Red Wings (Do they want to commit long-term to Kadri?)
  3. Colorado Avalanche (Will have to take a home town discount)
  4. Anaheim Ducks (They have Troy Terry and Trevor Zegras to sign next year, might not have the cap space)
  5. Washington Capitals (Fill in for Nicklas Backstrom, if he is out long-term)

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