Picture of Vancouver Canucks celebrating a goal.
Speculation buzzes around the Vancouver Canucks seeking a defensive upgrade, with eyes on a reunion with Chris Tanev or a potential trade.

NHL trade rumors are abuzz with the Vancouver Canucks’ earnest endeavor to reinforce their defensive lineup by potentially trading an excess forward for a defenseman.

This speculation has been sparked by the Canucks’ active exploration of trade scenarios, especially in light of their great start to the season with a 5-2-1 record​​.

Canucks interested in trading for Chris Tanev or Colin Miller

The Canucks are reportedly eyeing a reunion with former defenseman Chris Tanev, whose return could significantly bolster the defensive prowess of the team. Tanev’s decade-long tenure with the Canucks, marked by reliability and invaluable mentorship, makes him a strong candidate for rejoining the squad in a mid-season or deadline trade​​.

Recent trade chatter also highlights the Canucks’ efforts to potentially move veteran winger Conor Garland to make room for a right-handed defenseman. The name of Colin Miller from the New Jersey Devils has been floated around, hinting at a possible trade scenario that could satisfy the Canucks’ defensive ambitions while aiding the Devils with their forward depth​​.

The Canucks’ proactive approach reflects a keen desire to strike a balance between offensive and defensive strength. By “working the phones”, the Canucks’ management is sending a clear signal about their intent to reshape the roster in the hopes of making the playoffs​.

What are Canucks fans saying about a potential trade for Tanev or Miller?

The trade that will happen: Garland (1.5M retained), for Tanev

Tanev is old, slow and injury prone. I say the Canucks stay away.

I like the Miller for Garland trade. Make it happen.

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