Picture of Vancouver Canucks forward Conor Garland. Will he be traded to the Winnipeg Jets?
Discover the latest NHL trade rumors: The Winnipeg Jets are showing interest in acquiring Vancouver Canucks forward Conor Garland.

NHL trade rumors can ignite passionate discussions among fans and wannabe experts. The latest rumor buzz centers around the Winnipeg Jets possibly trading Mason Appleton and Logan Stanley to the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for Connor Garland, with Vancouver retaining 25% of Garland’s salary.

Mason Appleton, known for his speed and skill, has been a valuable asset for the Jets. His contributions on both ends of the ice make him an intriguing trade chip. Meanwhile, Logan Stanley, a towering defenseman, has showcased his potential in the Jets’ lineup.

Will the Vancouver Canucks trade Conor Garland to the Jets?

The focal point of this NHL trade rumor, Connor Garland, has quickly become a fan favorite in Vancouver, and many fans do not want to see Garland depart the Canucks. His dynamic style of play, relentless work ethic, and offensive spark have made him a commodity teams want, but not his salary cap hit of $4.95 million a year for the next three seasons.

Adding a player like Garland to the Jets’ roster could immediately boost their offensive firepower. At the same time, the Vancouver Canucks‘ acquisition of Appleton and Stanley could address their need for depth and defensive assets and get Garland’s salary off the books.

What are NHL fans saying about the Winnipeg Jets trading for Conor Garland?

I like the trade, but I’d add Dylan Demelo instead of Logan Stanley with no salary retention.

The Jets are asking for more than 25% retention if they want a trade to be completed.

The Canucks are stuck with Garland. No one will take his salary for three more seasons at $5 million a year.

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