Picture of William Nylander and Brock Boeser. Will the Leafs and Canucks make a blockbuster trade?
Dive into NHL trade rumors: Vancouver eyes Nylander while Toronto may gain Boeser. Explore how this strategic swap could reshape both teams' futures.

The NHL trade rumors mill has been buzzing with speculation surrounding a potential trade involving William Nylander and Brock Boeser. The dynamics of this rumored trade hinge on various factors related to contract terms, performance, and the strategic interests of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Vancouver Canucks.

William Nylander has had a remarkable start to the current season, notching six goals and 14 points in his first ten games. However, with his contract set to expire next July, and an annual average value (AAV) of $6.9 million on his current six-year deal, he’s become a focal point of trade discussions.

Nylander’s performance could drive his market value north of $10 million annually on his next contract, which might be a financial stretch for the Leafs. Despite the contract situation, Nylander expressed willingness to negotiate a new contract with the Leafs, indicating a preference to stay in Toronto if possible​.

On the other hand, Brock Boeser has also had a strong performance this season, tallying 8 goals, 5 assists, and 13 points in 10 games so far. His current contract, a 3-year deal worth $19.9 million, keeps him with the Canucks until 2025. Like Nylander, Boeser’s contract doesn’t include any trade clauses, thus expanding the potential trade avenues for the Canucks​​.

Why the trade rumor makes sense for both the Toronto Maple Leafs and Vancouver Canucks

The speculated trade scenario suggests that while Vancouver might get a better player in Nylander, the Leafs could find a better-suited right winger for John Tavares in Boeser.

The contract terms are relatively balanced for this season, with Nylander’s cap hit at $6.962 million and Boeser’s at $6.65 million, making this trade not a salary cap maneuver but rather a strategic move for both teams.

The unfolding of this trade scenario will be closely watched by NHL fans as it could significantly impact the 2024 Stanley Cup race and the strategic roster formations of the involved teams.

What are NHL fans saying about a potential William Nylander for Brock Boeser trade?

Leafs should do a sign and trade for Nylander and get a first back with Boeser.

If this trade went through I’d expect the Canucks to try hard to sign Nylander long-term.

Toronto is getting an extra year with Boeser’s contract, so they’d have to part with an additional draft pick.

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