Marc-Andre Fleury Leafs
NHL Trade Rumors for July 5, 2022 feature Marc-Andre Fleury interested in signing with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Marc-Andre Fleury almost became a Toronto Maple Leaf at the NHL trade deadline but the deal never went through and Fleury ended up in Minnesota.

With free agent frenzy beginning July 13, NHL trade rumors are making the rounds that the Leafs and Fleury have interest in making a deal this offseason as it appears Jack Campbell will not be back with the Maple Leafs.

Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic reports Fleury is open to signing with the Leafs as they are one of the Stanley Cup favorites. The Colorado Avalanche are favored to repeat, but the Leafs have the second best odds at winning the Stanley Cup in 2023.

LeBrun went on to say, Fleury will be picky with his decision and money will not be a deciding factor for The Flower. He wants another shot at the Stanley Cup and the Leafs are the favored team to come out of the Eastern Conference.

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