Ryan O'Reilly injury
Toronto Maple Leafs forward Ryan O'Reilly suffers a broken finger and will be out a minimum of four weeks. Will be back before the playoffs.

The Toronto Maple Leafs received the bad news that everyone was expecting. Recently acquired forward Ryan O’Reilly suffered a broken finger and will be out four weeks but expected to be ready before the playoffs.

With Ryan O’Reilly being placed on long-term injured reserve, he cannot come back to the Leafs lineup until April 1, 2023. Reports are the O’Reilly will be back in the Leafs lineup on April 6, 2023 when they play the Boston Bruins.

How was Ryan O’Reilly injured?

O’Reilly suffered his broken finger by taking a puck off his hand on Saturday night against the Vancouver Canucks. Just some bad luck for the forward.

In nine games with the Toronto Maple Leafs, O’Reilly has put up three goals and two assists for the Buds.

What are Leaf fans saying about the Ryan O’Reilly injury

I guess there is a good and bad to this. Good, it didn’t happen closer to the playoffs or in the playoffs. Bad, so much for finding his spot in the lineup. Gonna be interesting to see how long he is actually out for. At least it’s just a finger and not a hand or wrist.

As long as Ryan O’Reilly returns before game 1 of the playoffs, I don’t even care.

“ before the playoffs “, That’s all that matters. Go Leafs Go!

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