Patrick Kane trade to the Colorado Avalanche
NHL trade rumors for October 19, 2022 feature a Patrick Kane trade to the Colorado Avalanche after news of the Gabriel Landeskog injury.

Will the awful news of Colorado Avalanche forward Gabrielle Landeskog being out a minimum of 12 weeks, NHL trade rumors are making the rounds that the Avs could be all-in on a Patrick Kane trade.

It was reported yesterday that the Flames, Kings, Rangers and Penguins could be the destination of choice for a Kane trade. But the long-term injury to Landeskog changes that rumor.

Why would the Colorado Avalanche make a Patrick Kane trade?

The Colorado Avalanche are in a win now mode and they want to be repeat Stanley Cup champions. With Gabriel Landeskog going on LTIR, it frees up the necessary Avalanche salary cap space to make a trade.

For Colorado to facilitate a Patrick Kane trade without getting a third team involved to absorb Kane’s cap hit, they needed to free up salary and Landeskog’s injury provides that.

The Avs can now straight up deal with Blackhawks management instead of getting another team involved like the Arizona Coyotes to help with salary cap issues. Plus it will save the Avs prospects and draft picks with no third team involved.

What is the asking price for Patrick Kane?

There is no official word on the asking price for Patrick Kane. Chicago Blackhawk management have just stated that it will be up to Kane if he wants to be traded or not.

The last NHL superstar to be traded was Jack Eichel and this is what the Buffalo Sabres received in return: forward Peyton Krebs, forward Alex Tuch, a first-round pick in the 2022 or 2023 NHL Draft and a second-round pick in the 2023 or 2024 NHL Draft.

The Blackhawks will not receive a haul like that as Eichel was under contract and Patrick Kane will be a UFA this summer.

The asking price will likely be a first-round draft pick and a top prospect for Kane.


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