Connor McDavid

Edmonton Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli had an exclusive interview with TSN’s Bob McKenzie. McKenzie asks: what would be a successful debut for McDavid? Chiarelli sets the bar very, very low:

McKenzie: Is there a realistic number for him, an over/under that you want to take? Is it 60, is it 65, is it 70 (points)?

Chiarelli: Well, I don’t want to put any numbers on him. Let’s say 20 and 40. That would be really good. To score in this league requires a lot of skill, it requires a lot of acumen, strength. He’s got a lot of those things and he’s going to develop a lot of those things, so let’s call it 20 and 40.

McKenzie: A good season for Connor McDavid would be 20 goals and 60 points. Can we put you down for …

Chiarelli: No, no. 20 goals, 40 points (laughs).

I do believe McDavid could push for 80 plus points. Chiarelli is correct when he says, the game has changed since Sidney Crosby entered the league so it is doubtful McDavid will hit 100 + points. But 80 points is realistic. Check out our 2015-16 point prediction page and see where McDavid ends up?


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