Jonathan Quick NHL Trade Rumors December 24, 2018
Will the Philadelphia Flyers target Jonathan Quick for a trade.

Are the Philadelphia Flyers interested in Jonathan Quick?

Sportsnet: Nick Kyperos reports the Philadelphia Flyers are interested in LA Kings goalie Jonathan Quick.

The Flyers search for a goaltender has already shown some signs of progress with the way 20-year-old Carter Hart started his NHL career this week, but you can understand the desire to find an experienced and accomplished mentor for him.

Quick has four remaining years under contract. The AAV on his deal is $5.8-million but his actual salary declines from $3.5-million to $3-million to $2.5-million in the final three seasons.

Other options for the Flyers are Carolina Hurricanes Scott Darling and New Jersey Devils goalie Cory Schneider. Whomever the Flyers target for goalie, expect a trade before the 2019 NHL trade deadline.

Will the Buffalo Sabres be able to Afford Jeff Skinner?

WGR 550: Buffalo radio is reporting that the Buffalo Sabres want to re-sign Jeff Skinner and Skinner wants to stay in Buffalo. This a great sign for a team that is struggled for many years and a player wanting to stay instead of asking for a trade.

The big question is, can Buffalo afford Jeff Skinner? Skinner, 26, has re-gained his scoring touch in Buffalo, netting 25 goals through 35 games this season. At this rate, Skinner is on pace to finish the 2018-19 season with 59 goals, which would shatter his career-high of 37 back in the 2016-17 season.

The Sabres will have a little more than $22.9 million of cap space once the team gets to July 1, 2019. Skinner’s current cap hit of $5.725 million is likely to increase with his next contract, and could reach $7 million or greater if he keeps pace with his production this season. Rumors are the Skinner camp will likely seek a 8 year contract at $9 million/year.


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