Erik Karlsson NHL Trade Rumors August 26, 2018
Are the New Jersey Devils interested in making a trade for Erik Karlsson?

Are the New Jersey Devils interested in Erik Karlsson? The New Jersey Devils once again have been named as a possible destination for Ottawa Senators star defenseman Erik Karlsson. Nick Villano reports the Devils do make sense on paper. They have the most cap space, so they could afford to sign Karlsson long term. The team has a serious need on defense, and Karlsson would make them instant contenders.

The Devils don’t have the best prospect pool, but they have some very interesting pieces they could give up, and now Ty Smith could be the centerpiece of a deal. I believe the Senators would accept the best offer from the Devils. The Devils offered to be a third team in a Karlsson trade. If GM Ray Shero was willing to make himself the facilitator of a trade within the Eastern Conference, would he be willing to go all in to make the trade for himself?

Will the New York Islanders trade Jordan Eberle?

NBC Sports: James O’Brien reports there are interesting, prime-age guys whose futures aren’t particularly clear with the Islanders, and the uncertainty should be mutual in some cases.

Jordan Eberle is 28 and only made the playoffs during one season, struggling enough that the Edmonton Oilers overreacted and traded him. Eberle probably doesn’t want to be stuck in another murky rebuild, and he’s never enjoyed the opportunity to choose exactly where he played NHL hockey. From the Islanders perspective, they must decide if a guy who probably won’t be cheap – why would Eberle take more than a small downgrade from his $6M AAV in a new deal? – is worth keeping around. Will Eberle exit his prime by the time the Islanders are in a more legitimate place to contend?


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