Justin Faulk NHL Trade Rumors August 27, 2018
Will the Edmonton Oilers make a trade for Justin Faulk?

Are the Edmonton Oilers interested in Justin Faulk?

Edmonton Journal: Kurt Leavins reports that the Edmonton Oilers are looking to add a significant player to their blue-line. But that probably won’t happen for a while yet. After all, it will likely be some time before the Oilers have a handle on just how bad Andrej Sekera‘s injury really is. Was it a torn Achilles tendon? Or was it ruptured?

The Edmonton Oilers could be looking at Carolina D-man Justin Faulk and that the price-tag could be a roster player and a high pick. You don’t think that would get it done, eh? Consider that Carolina moved Jeff Skinner to Buffalo for a prospect Cliff Pu (who was just a 3rd Round pick in ’16 and has yet to play a professional game), a high draft pick (a 1st Rounder this year), plus a 3rd and a 6th rounder next. Is Skinner not the superior player?

Latest Erik Karlsson trade rumors

The Ottawa SunErik Karlsson trade talks had picked up again. The Dallas Stars, Tampa Bay Lightning, Vancouver Canucks and Vegas Golden Knights all appeared to be in the mix. The Canucks are very interested in Karlsson. Jeff Paterson reports the Sens ask from Canucks for Karlsson would surely start with Quinn Hughes and 2019 first that could be Jack Hughes…and would go from there. 

Elliotte Friedman reports that Erik Karlsson reached out to say: it is not accurate that he is unwilling to sign long-term with a Canadian team. Could the Canucks actually land Karlsson? 


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