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Josh Anderson

New Jersey Devils interested in a Josh Anderson trade

With the NHL trade rumors mill starting to pick up, rumors are making the round that the New Jersey Devils are interested in making...
3 possible trade destinations for Erik Karlsson

NHL Rumors: 3 possible trade destinations for Erik Karlsson

It is no secret the San Jose Sharks were trying to trade Erik Karlsson in the offseason but they had no bits with his...
Dylan Larkin

NHL Rumors: 3 teams linked to Dylan Larkin

With the Detroit Red Wings set to start the regular season next week, NHL trade rumors are starting to pop up that the Detroit...
Jakob Chychrun

Jakob Chychrun trade news: I want a chance to win the Stanley Cup

Jakob Chychrun has been the the NHL rumors mill for about a year and the Arizona Coyotes still can't find a team for their...
P.K. Subban retires

P.K. Subban retires after 13 year career

In a surprise announcement today, P.K. Subban retires from the National Hockey League. At 33 with a Norris Trophy and Olympic Gold Medal he...
Brendan Gallagher

Montreal looking to trade Brendan Gallagher

With the Montreal Canadiens naming Nick Suzuki as the captain of the Montreal Canadiens, NHL trade rumors are starting to make the rounds that...
J.T. Miller Devils, Hurricanes

NHL Rumors: Devils, Hurricanes interested in a J.T. Miller trade

As we inch closer to the start of the NHL season, the J.T. Miller rumors will not go away. The latest NHL trade rumors...
James Reimer

NHL Rumors: 3 possible trade destinations for James Reimer

The San Jose Sharks have three starting goalies on their roster and one has to go. The Sharks looked to trade James Reimer at...
Jakob Chychrun

NHL Rumors: 3 Teams linked to Jakob Chychrun

Jakob Chychrun has been in the NHL trade rumors mill for the past 8 months and still no deal has been made. The reason...
J.T. Miller

NHL Rumors: J.T. Miller wants to play closer to home

The J.T. Miller NHL trade rumors mill has been churning since the NHL trade deadline, where it was rumored he would be traded to...