Which team will make a trade for Taylor Hall?
Will the New Jersey Devils trade Taylor Hall. read more at www.nhltraderumor.com

Will the Toronto Maple Leafs trade Kasperi Kapanen?

TSN Radio: Darren Dreger was on TSN Radio and was asked the question will the Toronto Maple Leafs trade Kasperi Kapanen?

Dreger feels there is a possibility the Leafs could trade Kapanen to free up salary cap space to make a trade for a defenceman or sign a defenceman in the off-season. The extra cap room would also go towards the Leafs finding a reliable backup goalie.

The Leafs will be tight against the cap next season and it is looking like Kapanen could be the one moved.

Latest Taylor Hall rumors

TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports Taylor Hall has sat out the New Jersey Devils past two games for precautionary reasons in anticipation of a trade. LeBrun reported Saturday that five-to-six teams were in the mix to land Hall.

LeBrun states the Devils are willing to retain salary on Taylor Hall in order to maximize their return in a trade.

One team that had serious interest over the weekend was the Florida Panthers. LeBrun now reports the Panthers no longer appear to be in the mix for Taylor Hall.

LeBrun notes the Panthers’ interest in Hall was believed “to be tied to the idea of signing him or at least thinking they could eventually sign him.” The cost is otherwise seen as too high for a rental player.

The teams that still have an interest in a Hall trade are the Colorado Avalanche, Arizona Coyotes, Montreal Canadiens and Edmonton Oilers.


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