Picture of Erik Karlsson. The Penguins and Hurricanes are interested in a Karlsson trade.
The Pittsburgh Penguins and Carolina Hurricanes have interest in an Erik Karlsson trade but can they fit his salary cap hit?

Erik Karlsson will be traded at some point this offseason. With teams trying to free up salary with trades and buyouts, some playoff contending teams will have the salary cap room to take on a good portion of Karlsson’s contract.

Two teams that are pursuing Karlsson are the Carolina Hurricanes and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Hurricanes, Penguins interested in an Erik Karlsson trade?

There is no doubt that the San Jose Sharks will have to eat a good portion of Erik Karlsson’s contract plus take on a contract coming back. If the Sharks are doing that, a big return will be expected back of a first round pick and top prospect(s).

Elliotte Friedman was on the NHL Network and stated that the Pittsburgh Penguins are all-in on Karlsson but he is not sure GM Kyle Dubas can fit Karlsson’s contract into their payroll.

Friedman also went on to say in his TV hit that the Hurricanes are very interested in a Karlsson trade and have much more salary cap room to work with, especially if defenseman Brett Pesce is traded or goes part of a package for Karlsson.

What are Pittsburgh and Carolina fans saying about an Erik Karlsson trade?

Can’t see Erik Karlsson going to Pittsburgh. They just do not have the salary cap space to make that trade.

Hurricanes fan here: Honestly I rather see us trade for Tony DeAngelo than Erik Karlsson. Erik’s salary cap hit is just too much to take on, even for a 100 point defenseman that is all offensive.

We need more offensive forwards than a defenseman. I am not sure what Kyle Dubas is doing! He is not much better than Hextall.

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